BBC’s John Simpson made honorary fellow

Eminent BBC journalist John Simpson, the corporation's World Affairs Editor, has today been made an honorary fellow of the University of Roehampton, as he steps down from the figurehead role of Chancellor after nine years.

Posted: 25 July 2014

image for news story BBC’s John Simpson made honorary fellow
BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson, who has been made an honorary fellow of the University of Roehampton
The award is the London university’s highest honour and has been bestowed in recognition of his influence on the University’s growth and rising reputation for research and teaching. This week’s graduation ceremonies, held for the first time at the Royal Festival Hall, will be his last significant acts in the role.

Announcing the fellowship, Sir David Bell, Chairman of the University’s Council, described Mr Simpson as 'a great friend of Roehampton'. He said: “John’s career has acted as a model to all of us to become informed, global citizens – how an inquisitive and critical mind can not only help us comprehend the world around us but allow others to learn from our experiences.”

Mr Simpson’s association with the University has promoted Roehampton worldwide. He is known to UK audiences for reports on BBC television and radio news, but to hundreds of millions worldwide he was the revered presenter of Simpson’s World which ran on the BBC World Service until 2012.

Whilst reporting on virtually every conflict and international incident in recent memory, Mr Simpson has shared insightful first-hand experiences with the University’s journalism students and has debated the influence of the media on politics in public lectures. His statesmanlike reputation has raised the University’s profile among leading figures in the arts who have subsequently given their own support.

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