Roehampton's green economist succeeds at polls

A leading green economist based at the University of Roehampton has been elected to the European Parliament following the weekend’s declarations.

Posted: 28 May 2014

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Professor Molly Scott Cato is the University’s first ever academic to focus on green economics, a field in which she is a leading thinker internationally.

Professor Scott Cato, believed to be the world's first Professor of Green Economics, won her seat as one of six south west England MEPs, and will represent the Green Party.

She will soon use her expertise in the field to influence debate and policy in the European Parliament. Her research and arguments could ultimately have an impact on United Kingdom laws and how the country recovers from the effects of the recession.

Professor Scott Cato is an expert in the area of green economics which combines a concern for environmental sustainability with an equal emphasis on social justice. She has been published widely and is the author of several books in the field including Green Economics and The Bioregional Economy. Her research, teaching and published work at the University of Roehampton covers three areas relating to the green economy:

  1. Addressing how we can design and organise an economy that fits comfortably within planetary limits and achieves social justice. She has critiqued the mono-cultural global economy and proposes instead a system of self-reliant local economies.
  2. The economics of co-operatives and social enterprises and, in particular, the concept of social entrepreneurship.
  3. Critiquing the existing monetary system and suggesting sustainable and stable alternatives. The link between the growth imperative that drives the environmental crisis and the debt-based nature of the existing money system is a central tenet of green economics.

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