Lecturer's ethics game set to improve trust in business

An online game designed to teach ethics to students could soon be adapted to train bankers, insurers, journalists, local government staff and other professionals after its creator received a huge amount of interest since claiming an international award.

Posted: 18 September 2014

image for news story Lecturer's ethics game set to improve trust in business
Suzy Jagger's Marketing Mayhem award could soon be teaching ethics to businesses.

University of Roehampton academic Dr Suzy Jagger’s interactive Marketing Mayhem game was launched to teach business students to operate ethically whilst also being successful in their fields. Players work through scenarios making judgements to raise awareness of thinking through the implications of their actions, and going beyond just following rules and procedures.

After claiming an award from the Serious Play Association, multi-national businesses and universities are now in negotiation to tailor versions to suit their needs. Dr Jagger is also seeking funding to create new scenarios in the game relevant to different sectors.

Already 900 students from the University of Northumbria will use the game as part of their degrees from this year, which will provide further research on its learning impact and allowing the next edition of the game to be even more up to date.

Dr Jagger said: “We’ve already made great strides in educating our students here at Roehampton about the need to behave ethically when they enter the workforce. There’s no denying though that when people are in work and under pressure, making the right decision can sometimes play second fiddle to getting the job done, making the deal or moving a project forward whatever the consequences, and that’s what leaders have to tackle. Only by making people at the coal face more aware of and responsible for the implications of their actions for society will trust in their sectors ever rise again.”

The University of Roehampton has already made ethics a compulsory part of all degree courses in its Business School. Dr Jagger added: “I’m delighted to see private and public sector organisations taking an interest in better educating their workforce. We can teach students, but refreshing people’s awareness through continuous professional development is vital throughout their careers.”

The first edition of the game can be played here

The game was produced as part of a joint project between the University of Roehampton, ORT France and the HEA.

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