Union’s new iPhone app a great tool for freshers

A new mobile phone app launched this week is giving Roehampton students the chance to learn about their Students’ Union, the University and London with just a quick shake – and it could pave the way for similar apps across the country.

Posted: 19 September 2014

image for news story Union’s new iPhone app a great tool for freshers
Clare Hudson and Siobhan Kelly from Roehampton Students' Union test out the app
The RandomSU Roehampton app is available for iPhones and, once downloaded and launched, delivers random facts, photos, event news, announcements and articles and links about university life to users every time they shake the phone. New content is uploaded every day by the Students’ Union and covers everything relevant to the Roehampton student experience.

Siobhan Kelly, President of Roehampton Students’ Union said: “This is such an exciting time to be a Roehampton student; we have a great family atmosphere here and we want all our students to be involved and up to date with everything the union has to offer them, so they feel like they belong and have known the place for ages.

“The app has loads of useful facts and pictures on and the fun of it is that you never know what you’ll find next time you shake it. The important thing though is the more people know about being a student in Roehampton, the more they will enjoy the whole experience and get the most from it.”

The app can be downloaded for free by students or family members interested in the University from Apple’s App Store. It includes options to share individual stories and photos found in it via social media websites.

A short film has been created by the students’ union’s Fresh TV team to promote the app’s features

Users can submit information which they would like to share with other students, to make the app as relevant as possible. Submissions can be emailed to the union

The idea for the app was conceived at Roehampton, and if it is successful here, its developers Inktrap will take the idea nationwide with localised content for universities around the country.

* The University of Roehampton’s Students’ Union was named among the top three in London in the National Student Survey this summer. In the survey, 86 per cent of Roehampton students said they were happy with their University experience as a whole. This was the University’s best result since the survey was launched.

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