New partnership will bring more Roehampton degrees to Europe

The University of Roehampton is pleased to announce a major new partnership with EU Business School, which will see students across the continent given the chance to study for a UK-accredited degree.

Posted: 19 January 2015

The respected MBA and MSc in International Management provided at Roehampton’s Business School in London will be offered to EU students studying at campuses in Barcelona, Munich, Geneva and Montreux.

The new agreement will significantly enhance Roehampton’s profile across Europe, by making the University’s qualifications more visible to employers in Spain, Germany and Switzerland. This is likely to benefit students at the London campus who decide to work in those countries after graduation. Equally, EU students who wish to work in the UK and other countries where British degrees are accepted will also benefit.

Professor Lynn Dobbs, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Roehampton, said: “We are delighted to be working together with EU Business School to provide more graduates across the continent with a valuable Roehampton qualification, which will give them a head start in their careers.

“This new partnership with EU is a further example of how we have become more entrepreneurial and international in our outlook. The relationship means we will be able to continue to invest in providing the best experience for our students here in London.”

The University of Roehampton’s Business School currently provides more than 20 bachelor’s and master’s qualifications, and has built partnerships with organisations including the Chartered Management Institute and the Royal United Services Institute. It is distinctive in examining business in its social context, underpinned by notions of cultural awareness and social justice.

EU Business School was established in 1973, and has an international network of campuses and partnerships across the world. It is a well-regarded institution on the continent, and is listed in the top 35 business schools in the QS Top MBA Global 200 Business Schools Report (2013-14). EU has particular strengths in the education of women in business; ranking eighth in the QS Top MBA Women at Global 200 Business Schools list (2013).

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