Catherine of Siena College launches new online courses

Catherine of Siena College at the University of Roehampton is developing a new undergraduate certificate course online and has re-launched its short courses in gender studies, justice, religion and theology.

Posted: 6 July 2016

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Catherine of Siena
The revamped short courses last six weeks and topics include Violence Against Women, Understanding Gender, Spirituality and Social Action, and Migration Matters. New to the College from January 2017 will be two credit-bearing twelve week modules: Feminism and Gender – Theological Perspectives, and Feminism and Gender – Biblical Perspectives. Along with six other validated modules to be introduced over the next three years, these will form part of a two year Certificate of Higher Education in Gender, Justice and Theology to be offered by the College.

The courses are taught by international experts and Roehampton academics including leading theologian Professor Tina Beattie. Established in 2007 by members of the Catholic academic community seeking to promote higher education among women in the global South, the College is open to all but is dedicated to serving the needs of those who might not otherwise have access to such educational opportunities.

Dr Susanna Snyder, Assistant Director at Catherine of Siena College comments, “The aim of Catherine of Siena College is simple; to promote social justice and gender equality through online education. We do this by offering cutting edge, research-based courses as well as fostering interfaith connections.

“There’s a real appetite for courses like this and thanks to the on-going success of our short courses, we’re now able to offer validated university modules building eventually to a Certificate or degree-level course, for those who are interested in more in-depth learning.”

In addition to working in partnership with the Susanna Wesley Foundation, which provided funding support for the new programmes, Catherine of Siena College also has a bursary fund available to students unable to afford the fees, which is provided by the Society of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ).

Visit the website for more information about Catherine of Siena College.

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