Roehampton celebrates educating teachers for 175 years

This week more than 700 students graduated with qualifications in teaching at the University of Roehampton’s graduation event at Royal Festival Hall. They join the hundreds of thousands of graduates who have studied at Roehampton since the foundation of its Whitelands College 175 years ago.

Posted: 29 July 2016

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Roehampton graduates 2016

The story of Roehampton starts in 1841 when Whitelands College was founded. Shortly afterwards, 12 young women embarked on training to become teachers at a time in which it was uncommon for women to go on to further education. These pioneering women and successive students helped to shape the teaching in schools today. University of Roehampton, which encompasses Whitelands College, is now the longest running provider of education for women in the UK.

During the graduation ceremony, Professor Paul O’Prey, Vice-Chancellor, said: “Our graduates played a huge role in the revolution that took place in British schools during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and they continue to play a major role today.

“As a society we need our best people to be educators, we need there to be good teachers and good schools – perhaps now more than ever. We live in such a complex and fast changing world and it is education more than anything that helps us to cope with that complexity and that change. Teaching is a great and important profession; it is a great responsibility, full or challenges but also full of reward.”

As the University continues its dedication to widening participation of education and as part of the 175th anniversary celebrations, this year the Class of 2020 programme has launched. The scheme aims to enhance the ambitions of young women through a range of activities across two years. Find out more here.

For more information about teacher training opportunities at the University of Roehampton, visit the Department of Education homepage.

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