Roehampton students give Year 10 pupils a taste of university life

Students from the University of Roehampton took part in Junior University, a nationwide programme to raise the aspirations of school children.

Posted: 12 July 2017

Junior University, a joint venture between the Transformation Trust and Which?, is designed to broaden the horizons of 14 and 15 year olds and give them a preview of university life.

A combination of undergraduates and Masters' students studying courses including criminology, sociology, nutrition, and sports and exercise took part. They worked in pairs to design creative and motivational workshops, covering topics including religion, ethics, gender and society.

Gary Davies, Director of Recruitment, International and Admissions, commented, "Junior University workshops create a different type of space that the general teaching curriculum does not allow for in day-to-day teaching; pupils are able to think, discuss, debate, analyse and critique ideas in session which are led by university students who are perceived more like peers.

"It is an inventive way to work with school children who may never have considered university before. By involving current university students – young people who are experiencing university life today – they are able to experience what university life is really like.

"Initiatives such as these are an important way for universities like Roehampton to build on their work with schools, while giving undergraduates the hands-on experience of helping to encourage young people to pursue higher education."

The Transformation Trust is an organisation which offers pupils opportunities and experiences that help them to develop employability skills and build their confidence.

The University of Roehampton partners with a wide range of schools and other organisations to widen participation in higher education. Last year, it launched its own scheme in partnership with BT, Class of 2020, to enhance the ambitions of 175 young women through the power of education.

If you're a member of staff or a student at Roehampton and you would be interested in supporting one of the partnership programmes please contact email our schools liaison team.

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