New MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management

University of Roehampton, London Online Positions Students for Success: Portfolio of online masters programmes includes new MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management.

Posted: 7 January 2014

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In today’s global economy, working professionals are increasingly looking for quality higher education programmes that help them address the challenges and opportunities within their industries. Through the University of Roehampton, London Online’s programmes, adult learners around the world gain the critical thinking skills and practical knowledge they need to expand their expertise and potentially advance their careers.

At Roehampton Online, access to a high-quality, affordable education is viewed as a critical global need and the responsibility of all educators. Roehampton Online upholds this commitment by offering a portfolio of online masters programmes including a Master of Business Administration (MBA), MSc in Project Management, MSc in Information Systems Management, and MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management, each at an affordable, all-inclusive tuition fee of $10,000.

In a collaborative online environment that fosters learning, students engage with a diverse global community through blogs, message boards, and chat groups. The interactive classroom, which features experienced faculty, provides students with the opportunity to build their networks and connect and share ideas with like-minded professionals from around the world who also are furthering their education.

Today, the University adds a new programme to its growing portfolio to help students meet the challenges that globalisation, market uncertainty, and the emergence of supply chain as a strategic function present. The MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management programme seeks to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the importance of supply chain management and its impact on overall organisational success.

"With this new online degree programme, the Business School continues to offer students the opportunity to enhance the skills and knowledge required in their professions and to contribute to business leadership at a strategic level," said Professor Elaine Harris, Director of the Business School at the University of Roehampton.

Industry professionals in the MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management will address topics such as managing increasingly complex supply chain networks, competing in the information age, and establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships in sourcing and procurement management.

"Modern supply chain management is about developing, managing and leading vital systems and processes that are at the very heart of a business’s profitability and growth," said Tony Mancini, Academic Director for the Roehampton Online Management Programmes. “Students in the online MSc in Strategic Supply Chain Management programme can learn how to analyse, design and manage globally integrated supply chains using strategic management skills and best practice to help their business expand and thrive in an unpredictable global economy."

For more information on the University of Roehampton’s online masters programmes, please visit www.roehampton-online.com/programmes.

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