Roehampton Academic appointed first Professor of Dramatherapy in the UK

Dr Anna Seymour has recently been appointed the first Professor of Dramatherapy in the UK at the University. 

Posted: 14 December 2016

Dr Seymour who teaches on the MA Dramatherapy programme joined Roehampton in 2012. She is an HCPC registered Dramatherapist who has worked in the NHS and voluntary sectors with a special interest in adoption and attachment issues.

An international expert for the profession, she has fulfilled strategic roles in the British Association of Dramatherapists, (BADth) serving as an executive member on a number of government consultations.

She has also worked with many European Universities as a consultant and trainer of Dramatherapy in France, Germany, Greece, Itlaly and Poland to influence their curriculum. She also had a leading role to launch the first Dramatherapy course offered in Croatia and has launched a new book Dramatherapy and Autism.

The Psychology Department has been delivering training in Dramatherapy for twenty-three years and is the largest and longest –running training in Europe. Dramatherapy is a form of psychotherapy for mental well-being to help people using all aspects of the theatre art form.  

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