Roehampton research team in Pakistan

Members of the Psychology Department visited Pakistan in December 2012 as part of a three-year research project  looking into anxiety disorders among Pakistani adolescents.  

Posted: 2 January 2013

image for news story Roehampton research team in Pakistan
Dr Catherine Gilvarry, Dr Gina Pauli, ,Professor Cecilia A. Essau and two of their PhD students (Alina Dafinoiu and Constantina Demetriou)

Professor Cecilia A. Essau, Dr Gina Pauli, Dr Catherine Gilvarry, and two of their PhD students (Constantina Demetriou and Alina Dafinoiu) had a very productive and informative research visit in Pakistan in December 2012. Their visit is part of a 3-year joint research project (“Anxiety among adolescents in Pakistan: From epidemiology to prevention”; UK’s PI: Professor Essau) with Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) in Rawalpindi, which is funded by the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan and the British Council INSPIRE (International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education) Strategic Partnerships 2011 fund. The aim of their research is to examine the prevalence and risk factors of anxiety disorders among adolescents in Pakistan, and to deliver preventative strategies to adolescents at high risk of developing an anxiety disorder. Another aspect of this project is capacity building, which aims to increase cultural awareness and international research competencies of PhD students and junior members of their research teams.

While at FJWU,Professor Essau delivered a workshop on the prevention of anxiety disorders in children, and an invited lecture on adolescent depression. Both events were attended by faculty members and students from different departments in FJWU and the general public including representatives of Higher Education Commission, Federal Directorate of Education, and principals of various schools. The Roehampton team was also guest of FJWU’s Vice-Chancellor (Professor Dr Samina Amin Qadir) and the Director of British Council Pakistan (Mr Peter Upton).

Following their stay at FJWU, they visited University of the Punjab in Lahore, where they participated in the International Conference of Applied Psychology. The conference was organized by the University of Punjab’s Department of Applied Psychology (under the leadership of Professor Dr Rukhsana Kausar) in collaboration with Psychology Subcommittee of Higher Education Commission’s Committee for the Development of Social Science and Humanities in Pakistan. At the conference opening ceremony, Professor Essau had the honour to deliver a keynote address to over 1000 delegates. Dr Pauli and Dr Gilvarry were each invited to chair and to serve as a discussant of a symposium.

Overall this research visit was a great success, which opens up much opportunities for collaborative research and curriculum developments with academics in Pakistan.

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