School of Education gets seal of approval from Ofsted

In its latest assessment of the teacher training programmes offered by  the University, Ofsted has lavished praise on the School of Education.

Posted: 17 April 2013

image for news story School of Education gets seal of approval from Ofsted
Ofsted found that Roehampton trainees show good personal qualitiesand securely build their professional expertise, leading to good attainment and above-average employment rates.

In its latest assessment, Ofsted has praised the teacher training programmes provided by the University of Roehampton.

The Ofsted report - which followed its inspection of the programmes offered for both primary and secondary teaching - highlighted the strength of the leadership, the strong partnership working with schools, the excellent teaching and support provided by tutors, and the high quality of trainees within the School of Education at the University.

The report acknowledged the School of Education’s excellent reputation and the strong employment record of its newly-qualified graduates. 90% of those graduating from QTS programmes in 2012 were in employment by the September; significantly more than the national average for the sector.

Commenting on the leadership within the School of the Education the report notes:

  • “An outstanding vision for excellence has contributed to rapid improvements in provision in recent months.”
  • “Leaders articulate a clear vision of how Roehampton’s provision will develop over the next few years”

Of the training provided within the School, the report states:

  • “good-quality training that effectively combines academic rigour with a strong emphasis on practical experience”
  • “Trainees’ level of satisfaction with the training is exceptionally high. For example, in the most recent NQT survey, 97% of respondents rated the overall quality of their training as good or better, and responses matched or exceeded the national average in all 21 questions.”
  • “High quality pastoral care and support”

Assessing the trainee teachers, the inspectors reported:

  • “self-motivated, highly committed and reflective trainees who demonstrate the drive and passion to become good teachers”
  • “the partnership’s strong reputation locally helps to maintain high employment rates”
  • “Clear trend of improvement in trainees’ achievements is evident since the last inspection”

Professor Michael Day, Director of the School of Education said: “This report acknowledges the hard work and commitment of all the staff within the School here at the University of Roehampton. Since my arrival at the University in October, I have been very impressed by the determination of the members of the School to work closely with our valued school partners to deliver our commitment to be an excellent provider of teacher training.

“I was particularly pleased that the high quality of our training was confirmed, and that our strategy of becoming a leading university partner for school based training and School Direct was given such a strong endorsement by Ofsted. The report provides valuable evidence of our readiness and capability to be a highly effective partner for schools.”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul O’Prey added: “Roehampton has an historic commitment to developing exceptional teachers, and I am delighted that this long tradition of excellence in education continues to flourish in today’s University. Roehampton’s School of Education rightly has an exceptional reputation for very high quality teacher training and I am very grateful to colleagues for their terrific commitment to their students and to developing great teachers.”

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