Successful year for second year International Business student

Anna Krettmann, second year International Business student at University of Roehampton, has completed a semester abroad in the USA, an internship in Canada and a summer school project in Austria where she was awarded a scholarship.

Posted: 7 August 2012

image for news story Successful year for second year International Business student
Anna Krettmann

It has been a successful year for Anna Krettmann, a second year International Business student at University of Roehampton. Anna completed a semester abroad at San Jose State University during the spring term, after which she did her internship with the Ontario Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Canada (AmCham Canada) in Toronto.

In addition to her travels to the USA and Canada, in July, she journeyed to Austria where she was awarded a scholarship to attend the “Graz University Summer School – On the Americas, 2012”. This summer school project is an Erasmus IP project, supported by the Utrecht Network and CEEPUS, carried out by the University of Graz, represented by the Center for Inter-American Studies, and the Center for Jewish Studies.

The Summer School took place at Seggau Castle, built in the 12th century and located south of the city of Graz near the Slovene border. This session was attended by 60 students from 26 countries and offered an incredible platform to engage students and lecturers from various countries in the interdisciplinary analysis of new conceptual approaches to redefine the Americas in times of worldwide globalization.

At the Summer School, Anna chose an Economic module that focused on the economic development of the U.S. and the other countries of the Americas over the past century, while also attending various Transferable Skills workshop and Creative Writing seminar.

While the past few months has been an exciting time for Anna, she also misses being at Roehampton and can’t wait to return for the Autumn term.

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