Teaching sensitive subjects in the Classical classroom

Higher Education Academy (HEA) award funding for the project 'Teaching sensitive subjects in the Classical classroom'.

Posted: 3 November 2011

The University of Roehampton, London has been awarded funding from the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Drs Susan Deacy and Fiona McHardy, Principal Lecturers in the Department of Humanities, have won funding for the project 'Teaching sensitive subjects in the Classical classroom'.

They will be investigating techniques and strategies employed in the teaching of subjects including sexual violence, domestic violence, 'honour killings', infanticide and child abuse.

Their work to date has suggested that while, for many students, personalising issues such as these can be a positive experience, other students have difficulties dealing with discussions on topics that have affected their own lives. It is anticipated that the research should be of use to colleagues in Classics as well as other disciplinary areas at Roehampton and nationwide.

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