Women and Religion

Posted: 26 October 2012

Arguing that women’s experience of religion is still marked by some elements of subordination and passivity, Professor Tina Beattie writes about the ‘quiet transformation’ that is taking place through women’s increasing activity as scholars of religion and through their ‘grass-roots experience’ (The Tablet, 8 Sept. 2012). This was the background, context and inspiration for the 3-day conference that she has organised with Dr Simonetta Calderini, ‘Women, Authority and Leadership in Christianity and Islam (Roehampton, Sept. 2012). With speakers from Africa, the Middle East, USA, Europe and Australia, this major conference will examine the spaces that women are making in those religions in the contemporary world. ‘What the papers have in common,‘ Tina says, ‘is a willingness to look with fresh eyes at what is changing in the roles and expectations of religious women today’.

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