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  • Fully online, you will join live classes from anywhere in the world and engage with a global classroom
  • We are actively diverse and consciously contemporary, celebrating and empowering writers from all backgrounds
  • Develop your creative practice and create a publishable, or publically presentable, single-author collection of creative writing.
  • Be taught by a team of experienced, published writers whose works push boundaries and receive acclaim


Roehampton's MFA Creative Writing will support you in your ability to develop your writing, leading to the successful production of professional-standard, publishable work. This two year course is taught through online classrooms, allowing you to pursue your degree from anywhere around the world, and collaborate with peers globally.

You will participate in live, virtual classrooms via a specialised platform allowing you to think, communicate, and create in a truly contemporary, global forum. You will take a range of modules in your first year, from exploring how writers are blurring boundaries between original and curated work and how it is possible to present work for social media as well as for traditional publication/production, to the role played by archives in textual culture, accompanied by training sessions held in Roehampton's own university archive and co-facilitated by professional archivists.

We will give you the creative freedom to work in a combination of forms, rather than specifically choosing fiction or poetry, or screenwriting or creative nonfiction, and the thematic structure of the MFA allows flexibility, creativity and contemporary impact.

Whether you are aiming your writing at the printed page, the internet, art galleries or performance spaces, we will support you in meeting your intellectual, and creative needs and goals. You will learn to work to a brief, workshop ideas, respond to feedback, and share ideas in a supportive and collective manner, developing as you do so highly desirable transferrable skills. You will also evaluate and engage with the contemporary creative and critical landscapes in which you choose to locate your practice.

Taught by a diverse team of published writers, whose own works push boundaries, this course embraces writing and writers from all backgrounds. The global format of this course allows you to engage with writers from all over the world and this international collaborative approach is at the heart of this course enabling fresh, new insight that may have been unobtainable otherwise. Our mission is to nurture and empower individual practice alongside developing a powerful shared identity and international community; all open-minded creative writers are celebrated, encouraged, empowered, and embraced.

In addition to developing your writing, you will learn how to build and maintain an ongoing, professional-standard internet presence and authorial profile. Tuition is given in blogging, web presence, marketing strategies, and making an impact on social media.  

In the first year of the MFA, you will engage with the key ideas involved in being an active contemporary creative practitioner. Modules are collectively-taught, and all assignments are shared in a group/workshop environment. There are three core modules. Self and Non-Self locates individual writers within contemporary discourse and will also engage you in articulating how you see yourself functioning within this. Intertextuality, Adaptation requires writers to work creatively with other texts in the production of their own work. Archives develops research skills which will be creatively, academically, and professionally valuable.

The second year of study includes more independent learning. This is the manner in which you will create pieces, and the MFA supports and tracks this independent learning through seminars, lectures, student presentations, and tutorials. Professional Engagement & Publication is the only module which uses the seminar-based / whole-class model of the first year. It involves the creation of a print-on-demand volume of single-author texts. This teaches publication technologies, editing skills, and is an opportunity for you to engage with ideas around marketing your work. Dissertation: Creative & Critical Practice is a balance between tutorial meetings in which you will be assigned an individual tutor, and workshop groups in which you will present and reflect upon your work. In the final term, you will write up your projects under the supervision of your tutor.

The course is entirely online, so even if you are an overseas student you will not need a visa. Whilst you won’t ever need to visit the physical campus, you do have full access to it and all the facilities available to our students should you wish to visit.

In order to participate in the course, you will need access to a computer, a webcam and an internet connection that is of high enough speed for the Virtual Learning Environment to stream. The Virtual Learning Environment allows you to see, and work with, your peers in real time.

Because of the international nature of this programme, class times will be determined by the countries students are located in and their respective time zones. In addition to live classes, we will have forums and glossary pages that you will be able to join at a convenient time for you.

You are able to join the course as either a full-time or part-time student. Full-time students will have two classes of approximately 2.5 hours each week, whilst part-time students will have one class of around 2.5 hours each week.

Life at Roehampton

At Roehampton, we can offer all new students the opportunity to live in accommodation on our beautiful parkland campus, including affordable and high-end options.

We offer scholarships, provide hardship funding and help you find advice on managing your finances while you study.

We provide plenty of opportunities for you to get involved, through volunteering, playing sport or music, or joining one of our many active student societies.