Tuition fees

The participation costs for Third Country students will be charged in accordance with EU guidelines for the course and in accordance with UK legislation and will be €18,000 (for 22 months' tuition/four semesters/120 ECTS) and for European students €9,000* (for 22 months' tuition/four semesters/120 ECTS).
*exact fees not confirmed and subject to change.

Scholarships and Financial Contributions

The EU Commission (EC) grants scholarships and financial contributions to the highest qualified students fulfilling all the criteria selected by the consortium. See 'Entry requirements and applications' page for selection criteria. Scholarships and financial contributions are applied for on students' behalf (there is no separate application form).

The scholarships will cover tuition fees, insurance and contribute to accommodation, travel, visas and installation.

There are two categories which applicants can be considered in as follows:

Category A Scholarships:

Students who come from a country other than an eligible applicant country (therefore, non-EU) and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work etc) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.

If you fulfil the above criteria for Category A, tuition fees and insurance costs will be covered by the EC.

In this category you will receive an installation amount of €7- €8,000* EUR to contribute to travel to the various locations of the programme, accommodation, visa fees and any other costs over the course duration. NB: The first half of which will be made (half of the total amount) on arrival and registration of the programme. The second instalment will be awarded at the start of the second year. Over and above this, you will receive a stipend of €1,000* EUR per month for the duration of the course (24 months), which will also contribute to your accommodation, travel, visa fees and living expenses.

Category B Financial Contribution:

Students who do not fulfil the Category A criteria above. They are students who are either residents or have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the EU Members States, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway.

If you fulfil the above Category B criteria, you will have tuition fees and insurance covered by the EC.

You will receive €1,000* EUR per month for the duration of the course (24 months), which will contribute to accommodation, travel and living expenses. You will be expected to pay visa fees (if applicable).

NB: If you are awarded a scholarship or financial contribution you will start receiving the money entitled to you when you arrive in the first location (University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden).

Other scholarships for which you may be eligible

Self funding

If you have indicated on the application form (in section 7) that you would still want to take part in the programme if you do not receive a scholarship – then the consortium may offer you a place on a self funding basis (depending on scores and fulfilment of the entry requirements).

If you accept a place on a self-funding basis, you will be required to pay for tuition fees (stated above) and insurance, accommodation, travel and other living costs + visa fees (if applicable).

Estimated costs:
Tuition fees = International €18,000 EUR*
Home/EU €9,000 EUR*
Travel between the 3 institutions = €1,000
Accommodation costs = € 10,000 EUR*
*These costings are aimed to be a guide and costs may differ for each student. Of course, costs for your accommodation and travel will be dependent on the quality you require and you are free to arrange these on your own. You are not, for example, obligated to stay at on-campus accommodation arranged by the institutions.

Other costs to consider during your stay:

  • Living costs e.g. food etc. 
  • Travel to the UK in September from your home country/current location and travel home from your dissertation location.
  • Insurance. You have the option to have this arranged for you by the consortium at a cost of approximately € 480 EUR.
  • Visa costs 
  • Induction costs 


Successful scholars will receive €1,200* EUR per week (minimum stay two weeks and maximum stay six weeks).

Scholars will be expected to fund the programme themselves i.e. insurance, accommodation, travel, visa fees (if applicable) and other living costs.

*Please note these figures are based on amounts from the 2014/16 cohort and are subject to change.