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  • This pioneering MA is for students with a multilingual background who want to work in a creative international environment.
  • Choose between undertaking a research based dissertation and working with a cultural institution as part of a work placement.
  • You can pick modules from a variety of creative subject areas including journalism, film and media.
  • Corporate member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters
  • Study in our brand-new, state-of-the-art media facilities – find out more.


This MA is designed for multilingual students who want a career in the creative industries.

In our global culture, talented people with multilingual skills are increasingly sought after by the creative industries. In this trailblazing MA you will have the opportunity to combine your language and translation skills with the study of London’s vibrant creative industries.

On the programme you will use your language skills and first-hand experience of different cultures to explore new territory in and around translation and the media world. You will reach beyond the traditional roles of translation and localisation by studying how these disciplines are applied in the creative industries, paying particular attention to the practical application of these skills in a professional environment.

You will be introduced to the emerging areas of transcreation and cultural adaptation, which refer to the creative process of altering messages so they are suitable for the target local market, while maintaining the original intent, tone, and style. You will also use your multilingual and multicultural skills in order to translate for the arts, advertising and entertainment sectors.

You will be able to choose optional modules from the pool offered in our other MA courses, the MA Audiovisual Translation and the MA Specialised Translation. In addition, you will be able to study modules from a wide range of creative disciplines including film, media, journalism and publishing.

Placements with translation/localisation companies and cultural institutions are at the heart of this MA. Placements are not compulsory, but you will benefit from the extensive industry contacts of members of staff and the visits of key professionals in order to help you find a placement that suits your interests.

A Windows OS computer is necessary to use most of our professional software packages. 

Out of English into: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Into English from: French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish

(Contact us about other language pairs)

Corporate member of International Translators and Interpreters


Member of APTIS


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In the module ‘Transcreation and the Creative Industries’, you will produce and analyse your own transcreations and compile them into a portfolio of work which you can use as part of your CV. You will also study and practice the main strategies and techniques relating to the translation of promotional content.

In the module ‘Cultural Adaptation in the Creative Industries’, you will explore the theory and concepts that underpin practices of adaptation and localisation, drawing on multiple disciplines, including linguistics and audiovisual translation, film, game and television studies, media management and advertising. For instance, you may be analysing localised popular entertainment shows, considering regionalisation in video games and marketing campaigns, or exploring localisation from an audience perspective.

We also offer a wide variety of optional modules in a range of subjects including translation-related fields such as subtitling, media accessibility and videogame localisation. Alternatively, if you want to build a more media-related profile, you will be able to choose modules on media and communications, film and screen cultures, and social media and data journalism.

You will complete your MA with a dissertation, which allows you to carry out a practical translation task with a commentary or to apply your understanding, knowledge, analytical, conceptual and personal skills to an in-depth investigation of a topic relating to an appropriate area of intercultural communication.

Here are some examples of modules you may study as part of this programme:

Compulsory modules
Translation and Intercultural Communication
Transcreation in the Creative Industries
Cultural Adaptation in the Creative Industries

Optional modules
New Trends in Translation and the Media
Professional Skills for Translators
Technical and Scientific Translation
Access Services: Audiodescription and Captioning
Translation Project
The Localisation of Video Games
Subtitling: Concepts and Practice
Screen Cultures of London
Social Media and Data Journalism
Global Media and Communications
Dimensions of Editing

Compulsory module (MA students only)


Compulsory and Required modules
Compulsory and/or required modules may change when we review and update programmes. Above is a list of modules offered this academic year.

Optional modules
Optional modules, when offered as part of a programme, may vary from year to year and are subject to viability.

This courses provides vocational training for those interested in working in global multimedia, and the cultural and creative industries. However, it will also provide you with a working knowledge of translation, a skill highly-valued by employers in a variety of industries.

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