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  • Gain a clear insight into the world of foreign language teaching, specifically Spanish
  • A unique, non-immersive language teaching programme
  • Roehampton has strong links with the Cervantes Institute
  • Use our brand new media and language facilities


Our unique programme in teaching Spanish as a foreign language allows you to gain a postgraduate degree whilst living in London. You will graduate with a deep knowledge of applied linguistics, and specifically of the nature of the Spanish language and how to teach it to foreign students. This course is ideal for both those who studied Spanish at undergraduate level, and those who have an undergraduate degree from a Spanish or Latin American university, whether you either want to develop your career as a language teacher or have graduated from a Spanish speaking university and want to improve your own English language skills abroad.

You will develop your professional expertise and knowledge based in Spanish language and linguistics, and have opportunities to practice teaching the language to non-speakers. You will learn the methodologies of language teaching, informed by research and current best-practice. There is also a strong Spanish culture element in the programme, and you will be encouraged to think about how to bring Spanish culture into the classroom, for example, how to harness a multicultural city like London to create a more dynamic learning experience for your students.  

Whether you are using Spanish language teaching in your current career or you aim to make this a potential career, there will be opportunities throughout the course for you to critically reflect on issues of language. You will have the chance to consolidate your learning with hands on teaching experience either onsite at Roehampton or at another institution that teaches Spanish.

You will benefit from the University’s close relationship with the Instituto Cervantes, the official institution for the promotion of Spanish language and culture, and the resources and connections it offers.

You will be taught in both English and Spanish in workshops and seminars, whilst your dissertation can be in either language.

You will acquire all the skills and knowledge necessary to be a proficient teacher of both Spanish, and other languages, as a foreign language. You will reflect on the structure of Spanish, the use of the words in the language and how to teach it to foreign students in a communicative way. You will also explore and examine your own learning process throughout the programme, choosing your most significant learning experiences, both theoretical and practical, and reflect upon them. You will also have the opportunity to undertake teaching experience either at Roehampton or in a Language associate institution under the supervision of a Spanish language trainer.

Understanding Language Learning and Teaching
Discourse Analysis and Language Teaching
Language Testing
Linguistic Competence for Teaching Spanish
Teaching Practice/Portfolio in Spanish (modules depends on prior teaching experience)
Dissertation in English or Spanish
Research Methods

You will be equipped to pursue teaching Spanish as a foreign language in a variety of settings and industries, both in education and corporate settings.

This MA will not give you Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) so you will not be able to teach the Spanish curriculum in a state secondary school in England or Wales.  To gain QTS please see our PGCE programmes.

You may be employmened in secondary schools within the independent sector and the Free School sector.

You will be able to seek employment in adult education and the private language school sector.


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