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This course is suspended for 2021 entry.

Postgraduate and Doctoral open evening
Wednesday 3 November 2021, 5–7.30pm

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  • Focus specifically on modern warfare around the world
  • Engage with public history, especially museums and how they present artefacts of war.
  • Taught entirely online 
  • Explore why wars started and their resolutions, memory of war, and media representations


The wars of the twentieth century shaped societies and international organisations in ways that continue to affect us today. This online MA programme will allow you to engage with war at various levels, from museum exhibitions to international relations, to better understand how conflicts have altered the world.

You will be provided with a deep knowledge of the major conflicts of the twentieth century, including the Boer War, The First and Second World War, The Korean War and the Yugoslav Wars among others. You will analyse why wars start as well as the impact each had on global developments, and their legacies. You will also explore the impact of war at a personal and cultural level, thinking about the memory of war, and the media around it. This focus on the two levels of war will allow you to understand the impact of broader political and economic concerns, and to consider how war affects societies. 

This degree in War Studies will allow you to hone advanced research skills and learn about a range of diverse methodological approaches to the study of modern history, encompassing both more traditional diplomatic, economic, and political history, and also spatial, cultural, and transnational methodologies to the study of war.

Our MA War Studies is taught online, which means you can take the degree from wherever you are in the world. Teaching will take place through short, lecture-format videos, open discussion forums, and one to one tutorials via video communication. You will be assessed through a combination of the dissertation, essays, literature reviews, a portfolio, and your online engagement.

You will take five compulsory modules, which is broken down into two per semester alongside a year-long dissertation.

You will cover multiple topics of modern warfare, and will graduate able to demonstrate knowledge of political, military, economic, diplomatic and international relations in the twentieth century, with an expertise on war and conflicts. You will also think about how war has been represented, communicated and remembered. This will include new ideas about remembering the dead as mass memorialisation, representations of war in film, radio and television, and novels ways of exhibiting materials inherent to warfare for the public, for example, museum displays of guns and tanks.

Your dissertation will be a research project that you will tailor to your area of interest and will demonstrate both your knowledge and research skills to address a question of your choosing relating to modern warfare.

This degree is intended to develop key skills which will be useful for those interested in further academic study, and also for future employment in the creative and heritage industries, including publishing, museums and archives, the media, or any sector that prizes effective research and communication skills.

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