Certificates of Professional Practice in PSHE

  • Certificate of Professional Practice (level 4) in Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education
  • Certificate of Professional Learning (level 5) in Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education
  • Certificate of Professional Development (level 6) in Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education

The National PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic) CPD Programme, originally instigated by the DCSF, is provided by Babcock 4S in partnership with the University of Roehampton and is a successful piece of Continued Professional Development which combines practical activities and theory to provide the very best in PSHE developmental training and pedagogy. More than 10,000 teachers and other professionals have benefitted from taking part.

PSHE addresses skills including communication, assertion, reflection, managing emotions and assessing risk. It also considers the specialist areas of Drug Education, Sex and Relationships Education, Staying Safe, Financial Capability and Emotional Health and Wellbeing – making a huge contribution to the Behaviour and Safety and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of children and young people.

Who the programme is suitable for

The National PSHE CPDprogramme is designed for teachers, community nurses, social workers, police officers, those working for voluntary organisations and other professionals who are actively engaged in the delivery of a planned programme of PSHEin schools and other settings. It provides a valuable opportunity for PSHEprofessionals working with children and young people to develop their knowledge, understanding and teaching and learning skills in the delivery of PSHE education.

Offered at different levels

The certificate is offered at three different levels to meet the needs of participants with a range of backgrounds, experience and current employment. These are: levels 4, 5 and 6 (formerly HE1, 2 and 3), equivalent to first, second and final year degree level.  These are accredited at 30 credits through the University of Roehampton.The course explores areas surrounding:

  • the theory and concepts underpinning PSHE and its specialist areas
  • guidance and appropriate laws which support and impact upon PSHE
  • assessment and evaluation in PSHE
  • being a reflective practitioner
  • difference and diversity
  • normative education.

Teachers and nurses automatically study at Level 6.  Other participants, dependent upon their qualification level and familiarity with teaching and learning and PSHE, will have the opportunity to study at Level 4, Level 5 or Level 6.

Assessment and delivery

The National PSHE CPD programme is made up of a series of developmental face-to-face training sessions led by your PSHE Tutor. Your PSHE Tutor will support you with opportunities to reflect upon your practice and develop your PSHE related skills, knowledge and understanding.  During the training sessions you will be encouraged to consider course activities along with and PSHE concepts and guidance, through the use of a Reflective Journal.

All students have access to the University of Roehampton's Moodle VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) where resources and relevant documents are available to download or print.

Programmes run for a period of up to 12 months.  During this time you will:

  • attend training sessions – led by your PSHE Tutor
  • consider the impact of the training sessions upon your practice through the use of a Reflective Journal
  • plan a PSHE lesson which supports a PSHE Scheme of Work
  • be observed delivering the planned lesson
  • write a 3,500 word assignment that details your learning journey and demonstrates the impact the programme has had on improving and refining your PSHE practice.

Delivery of the programme is arranged locally by Babcock 4S and through a network of providers and local authorities, and requires attendance between 3-5 days and self-study over an academic year.

Contact information 

For further information contact the programme administrator at Babcock 4S at: NationalPSHE@babcockinternational.com or visit www.pshe-cpd.com