Foundation Course in Art Psychotherapy 2020

October 2020

Duration   20 weeks
Pattern of Delivery   18 x two hour evening classes plus two Saturdays
Start Date   24 October 2020
End Date   20 March 2021
Course Fee   £1150

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Course Outline

We have been running our highly successful Art Psychotherapy Foundation course for some years.

The general aim and intention of the course is to provide a broad outline and introduction to the subject of Art Psychotherapy. In particular to reflect the Jungian Analytical model as taught here at Roehampton. The course itself is highly 'experiential' in nature. However, we stress that it is not intended to provide 'therapy' as such to the participants.

Here at Roehampton we consider that Art Psychotherapy is one of the 'Psychological Therapies' and that other Psychological Therapies include disciplines such as Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy. We consider that Art Therapy is a specialised form of Psychotherapy and that it is largely underpinned by Psychoanalytical theories. Our Foundation Course is largely underpinned and informed by theories and models from Jungian 'Analytical Psychology'.

These workshops will be facilitated by a qualified and experienced state-registered art therapist.

Participants come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences including individuals wishing to prepare to apply for a qualifying Masters programme in Art Psychotherapy. Others complete the course as CPD and yet others are simply curious to learn about the topic.

You will need to complete 80% of the course and the assessment process in order to receive an attendance certificate.

We stress that completion of the Art Therapy Foundation Course does not imply that you can practice Art Psychotherapy nor does successful completion of the Foundation Course guarantee a place on the qualifying Masters degree.

A programme of experiential workshops led by the course facilitators and seminars given by visiting Art Therapists from a wide range of fields. One full-day Induction (Saturday) and introductory workshop to begin the course to be held in October 2020 with weekly evening classes to follow; finishing with a full Plenary Day to close in March 2021.

Suggested Reading List

The suggested reading list is available here.

Course timetable and dates

This timetable is provisional - dates and times may be subject to change.

Date Time Title
24 October 1000-1630 INDUCTION DAY
28 October 1900-2100 'The Unconscious'
4 November 1900-2100 'The Nature of Symbols as products of the Unconscious'
11 November 1900-2100 'Working with Archetypes"
18 November 1900-2100 'The Child Archetype"
25 November 1900-2100 "The Family Archetypes - Mother  -  Father"
2 December 1900-2100 "Animus and Anima : The Female and Male Archetypes"
9 December 1900-2100 "The Trickster Archetype"
16 December  1900-2100 "The Shadow Archetype"
13 January 1900-2100 SEMINAR : The Profession of Art Psychotherapy and details of professional training, qualification and license to practice
20 January 1900-2100 "Art as Active Imagination"
27 January 1900-2100 "The use of Story and Myth in Therapy -  Case Study"
3 February 1900-2100 "The use of Fairy Tales in Therapy"
10 February 1900-2100 "The use of Masks in Art Therapy"
17 February 1900-2100 SEMINAR : Case Studies in Art Therapy, Transference and Counter-transference
24 February 1900-2100 "Introjects and Images"
3 March 1900-2100 Case Studies
10 March 1900-2100 "Logos and Psyche : An Introduction to Depth Psychology"
17 March 1900-2100 "Review of Images**(of the course as a whole)"
20 March 1000-1630 PLENARY DAY

** Review of Images sessions follow each 'series' of workshops and allow for the whole 2 hours to be spent exploring selected images made by participants during that series.