Courses for Health Professionals, Social Workers, Teachers and others interested in finding out about the Arts and Play Therapies.

The following courses are all offered on a part-time basis for 20 weeks. The courses compromise two full day workshops and eighteen evening classes all held at Whitelands College.

Please note: Each Foundation course is a certificated, non-accredited CPD course; completion of which does not constitute a right to practice as a qualified therapist.

Art Psychotherapy Foundation Course
Start date: 28 October 2017
A programme of experiential workshops led by the course facilitators and seminars given by visiting Art Therapists from a wide range of fields.
Dance Movement Psychotherapy Foundation Course
Start date: 28 October 2017
These form the backbone of the course and provide students with an opportunity to express, explore and reflect on the Dance Movement Psychotherapeutic Process directly.
Dramatherapy Foundation Course
Start date: 28 October 2017
The Foundation course will offer an introduction to the Ritual Theatre form of Dramatherapy taught on the Masters level, professional training programme at Roehampton University. This Foundation course will offer participants a direct experience of Dramatherapy techniques and processes. The course will enable participants to reflect on these experiences and begin to make links to their own interests and professional practice. The course will also introduce some of the theories which underpin Dramatherapy practise.
Music Therapy Foundation Course
Start date: 28 October 2017
The course will provide an overview of music therapy practice in the UK and follow the psychodynamic model as taught on the Roehampton University MA training.
Play Therapy Foundation Course
Start date: 28 October 2017

Play Therapy Foundation Course (Northampton)
Start date: 29 October 2017
The course is designed to provide a both an experiential and theoretical introduction to Play Therapy for those intending to train as Play Therapists or who wish to gain some experience of Play Therapy for their own personal or professional development.

Application Process

If you would like to apply for Art Psychotherapy, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Dramatherapy, Music Therapy, Play Therapy, or Play Therapy in Northampton for 2018/19, the application form will be available shortly.

Places will be awarded on a "first paid, first serve" basis due to demand.

For further information, please contact:

Rachael Furminger

CPD Officer
University of Roehampton
Whitelands, Parkstead House
SW15 5PU

Tel: 0208 392 3795  E-mail: rachael.furminger@roehampton.ac.uk