Dramatherapists work in a variety of settings including mental health, training centres, education, prison and probation, childcare and private practice. This workshop is an exploration of the ritual theatre model of Dramatherapy taught at Roehampton. Working from a humanistic experiential approach to the day this workshop will include work with theatre skills, creativity, imagination and personal expression.

Intended Audience

This course is open to all those interested in finding out about Dramatherapy. Roehampton University offers post graduate professional training in dramatherapy. Our graduate students go on to work in a variety of settings including psychiatric hospitals, social services departments, special education, prisons and the voluntary sector.


Participants will gain an insight into Dramatherapy, its therapeutic application and the professional training course provided at Roehampton.

Reading List

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Presented by

Heather Williams (To be confirmed)

Heather Williams is a practising Dramatherapists and a member of the Health Care Professions Council. She is a full member of BADth and has trained in Childhood Bereavement with St Christophers Hospice and Middlesex University. Heather previously trained as an Actor at The Arts Educational Schools London and worked in the profession for ten years. She trained as a Dramatherapist on the three year MA course and Roehampton and is currently an external facilitator on the course and has been for the past four years.


"Dramatherapy; the telling of our own stories, the creating of stories and working with other peoples stories can bring such healing, clarity and exploration of ourselves. I work with stories with children and young people to help them make sense of their story and to find ways of living with it and in some cases being able to change the ending. I am currently exploring ways of using Dramatherapy rituals and stories to support children and young people within pre bereavement."


She ran her own dance and drama school and took workshops to schools all over London for 15 years before concentrating solely on dramatherapy.She has been privileged to be a dramatherapist with: Act Too, working with adults with learning disabilities, NACRO, young people who have been excluded from mainstream school, and Addaction; The Chysalis project where she worked with children whose parents were alcohol and or drug reliant.  Heather currently works for Jigsaw southeast as part of their Macmillan Team where she supports children and young people who have a parent, sibling or close family member with a terminal illness. As part of this role she facilitates groups for those with a terminal illness. Heather is the dramatherapist in two Primary schools in Kent where she runs groups for reception to year 6 age groups.

Location and booking information

Date 17/03/2018
Time 10:00 - 16:30
Duration One Day
Price £149.00
Payment Places are awarded on a first paid, first serve basis due to demand.
Venue Whitelands College, University of Roehampton
Directions View
Address Whitelands College, University of Roehampton, Holybourne Avenue, London SW15 4JD

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