Teaching pattern awareness with young children in EYFS & KS1

Young children’s pattern awareness predicts their later mathematical achievement - and it can be taught. This course will explore ways of recognising and developing awareness of different kinds of patterns, going beyond repeating patterns to include subitising, symmetry and growing patterns, in a range of cross- curricular contexts, indoors and out.

We will consider how ideas of pattern, such as regularity and unitising, underpin pre-algebraic and multiplicative thinking in Key Stage 1 and beyond.

Location and booking information

Date 23 May 2019
Time 1:30 – 4:30
Duration One day
Price £100 per session/£90 to our partner schools
Venue Froebel College, University of Roehampton
Directions View
Address Froebel College, University of Roehampton, Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PJ

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