Videogame Localisation

Course Trainer

Dr. Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino

Trainer Background

Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino, PhD in the localisation of multimedia interactive entertainment software at Imperial College London is the author of the Translation and Localisation in Video Games: Making Entertainment Software Global (2015). He co-leads the AHRC-funded Media Across Borders Network and is a co-editor of Media Across Borders: The Localisation of Audiovisual Content (2016).

Who Would Benefit?

Freelance translators, undergraduate and postgraduate translation students, translation tutors, researchers

Course Content

The module will introduce participants to the principles and practice of localisation in the area of multimedia interactive entertainment software, a. k. a. video games. As well as being introduced to the main concepts behind game localisation, participants will gain practical experience of working with various types of material, including in-game, User Interface, interactive subtitles, online help, voice-over, manuals, packaging, graphics files, official website. Participants will look at the different genres of video game to understand the complexities involved in translating such interactive entertainment material in a professional context.

Course Objectives

Participants who attend the course will have acquired:

  • An understanding of the principles of localisation, internationalisation, and globalisation (e.g. linguistic, cultural, technical, commercial and legal considerations) to be taken into account in adapting a video game product for the target locale and country.
  • An awareness of the structure and conventions of the game localisation industry, and the video game development and publishing industry.
  • A knowledge of the different text types and writing styles: in-game, User Interface, interactive subtitles, online help, voice-over, official website, manuals, packaging and merchandising.
  • The basic technical skills required to begin work as a translator, linguistic tester, localisation coordinator, consultant in a professional context.


Microsoft Word, Excel.


You will receive a certificate of attendance


Location and booking information

Date To be confirmed
Time 9.00am – 2.00pm (Lunch Break from 12.30 until 13.30 pm)
Duration One Day
Price £120
£90 for Roehampton students, alumni, and staff
Venue Southlands College, University of Roehampton
Directions View
Address Southlands College, Queens Building Room 046
Roehampton University
80 Roehampton Ln,
London, SW15 5SL

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