Professorial Inaugural Lectures 2017-2018

All inaugural lectures are held at 5.30pm in the Portrait Room, Grove House.

Invitations and full details will be sent out approximately one month before each event.

Upcoming lecture

Professor Caroline Bainbridge

Professor Caroline Bainbridge

Professor of Culture and Psychoanalysis
Department of Media, Cultue and Language

Media objects: Emotion, experience, and the psychopolitics of popular culture


Monday 15 January 2018 / 5pm for 5.30pm
Portrait Room, Grove House

Identity today is increasingly entangled with our relationship to media and popular culture, raising questions about the consequences for our psychological and emotional lives. What do phenomena such as binge watching television or sharing emotional experience on social media mean, and why have they become so significant in our everyday world? This lecture explores the role of unconscious emotion underpinning this kind of experience, examining how television, film and other forms of popular culture offer reassuring ways of making sense of the world when uncertainty dominates the headlines. Using ideas drawn from object relations psychoanalysis, it explores the messy complexity of emotion and identity in our media-saturated environment. It also reflects on the opportunities afforded to us by popular culture to deepen a sense of being in the world during precarious times

Forthcoming lectures

26 February 2018
Professor Debbie Epstein

19 March 2018
Professor Anita Biressi
Media, Culture and Language

14 May 2018
Professor Michael Witt
Media, Culture and Language

18 June 2018
Professor Stephen Drinkwater
Business School