Professorial Inaugural Lectures 2016-2017

All inaugural lectures are held at 5.30pm in the Portrait Room, Grove House.

Invitations and full details will be sent out approximately one month before each event.

Upcoming lecture

Professor Bryony Hoskins

Professor Bryony Hoskins

Professor of Comparative Social Science
Department of Social Sciences

Brexit, Trump and populism: a failure in education for political engagement?


Monday 30 January 2017 / 5pm for 5.30pm
Portrait Room, Grove House

The votes for Brexit, Trump and the swing towards populist parties across Europe have brought about instability, and question marks have been raised about many of our fundamental ideas of social justice, human rights and cosmopolitan values. We even have to face anger and aggression when we defend these beliefs. The current context raises the following questions: How did we get here? Where did it come from? What should we do?

These questions clearly need to be asked beyond the sphere of education, but education systems play a role and need to take responsibility for the societies that we form. This presentation will identify how young people learn to be politically engaged, and how disadvantaged students face barriers to learning political engagement throughout the education system. It will conclude by exploring how the current education system needs to be rethought so as to enable all young people to learn Global and European citizenship knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.

Forthcoming lectures

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27 February 2017
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27 March 2017
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22 May 2017
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19 June 2017