Professorial Inaugural Lectures 2016-2017

All inaugural lectures are held at 5.30pm in the Portrait Room, Grove House.

Invitations and full details will be sent out approximately one month before each event.

Upcoming lecture

Professor Steven Groarke

Professor Steven Groarke

Professor of Social Thought
Department of Social Sciences

Why Difficulty Matters


Monday 22 May 2017 / 5pm for 5.30pm
Portrait Room, Grove House

Steven Groarke, Professor of Social Thought from the Department of Social Sciences, will address the question of difficulty and its value in the contemporary context of the humanities and the social sciences. He will explore the proposal that difficulty constitutes an indispensable source of value, and as such provides an opportunity for the amplification of ourselves. He will support this proposal with reference to poetry as a particular form of difficulty.


Professor Mohammed Rafiq

Professor Mohammed Rafiq

Professor of Marketing
Business School

Can Firms Explore and Exploit at the Same Time? - The Role of Ambidextrous Market Learning in Successful New Product Innovation


Monday 19 June 2017 / 5pm for 5.30pm
Portrait Room, Grove House

This lecture explores the role of ‘ambidextrous market learning’, that is, a firm’ ability to engage in both exploratory and exploitative market learning simultaneously in order to develop highly innovative products. Exploitative market learning builds on a firm’s existing market knowledge base, which in turn provides a foundation for a firm to acquire new market knowledge through exploratory market learning, and to assimilate it with the existing knowledge, and use it for innovation. Exploratory market learning, on the other hand, generates new market information and knowledge that can help renew and update a firm’s current knowledge base developed through exploitative market learning. Therefore, it is argued that ambidextrous market learning taps into the complementary effect of exploratory and exploitative market learning and has fundamental implications for a firm’s product-market strategies to ensure successful product innovation.

Forthcoming lectures

Professor Mohammed Rafiq
19 June 2017