British Psychological Society Interviews Professor Mick Cooper on Counselling Psychology

The British Psychology Society (BPS) recently interviewed Professor Mick Cooper on the profession of counselling psychology. 

Posted: 5 April 2017

image for news story British Psychological Society Interviews Professor Mick Cooper on Counselling Psychology
Professor Mick Cooper

The BPS is the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK and Professor Mick Cooper is a counselling psychologist at the University of Roehampton and an internationally recognised figure in the areas of humanistic, relational and pluralistic counselling.  

Professor Mick Cooper said “Counselling psychology is a relational way of working with people that draws upon a strong combination between science and research which makes it an exciting and stimulating field to work in.”

Professor Mick Cooper’s advice to students looking to start their career in counselling psychology is “Be prepared for the intensive training and having a specialism will help you in gaining a role in a field that you will find rewarding. Also, it’s important to attend conferences, network and learn about other counselling psychologists to make connections for potential employment opportunities.”

To see the full interview called ‘Why Counselling Psychology?’ click here.

He is also director of the Centre for Research in Social and Psychological Transformation (CREST) and currently leading a £835,000 study to evaluate the benefits of school counselling.

100% of the Department of Psychology research is rated 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent' for its impact (REF 2014). The Department offers outstanding BPS accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in counselling psychology such as BSc Psychology and Counselling and Counselling Psychology

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