New guide provides innovative approaches to tailoring therapy to clients

Psychotherapists are being encouraged to break away from traditional therapeutic approaches in Professor Mick Cooper's new book Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling. It provides practical guidance for therapists to devise better tailor-made treatments to suit unique client needs.

Posted: 14 April 2015

image for news story New guide provides innovative approaches to tailoring therapy to clients

Professor Cooper from the University of Roehampton said: “There is no one right way of doing therapy and different clients have different needs. This book will support the current work of therapists by helping them to better understand their clients’ needs and create bespoke therapy programmes.”

The book is centered on existential therapy, which is a type of psychotherapy that helps clients to find meaning and passion in life in the face of anxiety. The therapy focuses on giving clients a sense of self-direction through choice, awareness, and acceptance of individual responsibility. Professor Cooper’s 15 years' work on existential practice culminated in this practical guide, providing a step-by-step account of what existential therapists actually do, and how the methods can be utilised by counsellors and psychotherapists of all orientations.

According to existential therapy, the central problems people face are often embedded in anxiety over loneliness, isolation, despair, and, ultimately, death. Client treatments are therefore based around close relationships, authenticity, and free will, which are recognised as potential avenues toward transformation, enabling people to live meaningful lives in the face of uncertainty and suffering.

This book is suitable for trainees or qualified therapists to understand and employ the ideas of existential therapy. This 264-page book includes a host of resources such as case studies and written dialogues that illustrate theory in practice, with reflective questions and exercises to help them relate complex existential themes to their own knowledge and experience. Therapists will also be able to access an extensive companion website to watch specially filmed video tutorials, read relevant journal articles, and explore further material such as the ‘Top 10’ existential films, novels, and songs.

John C. Norcross from the University of Scranton said: "One of our brightest lights delivers a practical, synergistic account of existential psychotherapy. Mick Cooper brings his passion for existentialism, pluralism, and the core principles underlying them to this superb book and companion website."

Professor Cooper is an expert in psychological therapies and counselling for children and young people.

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