Professor gains Visiting Professorship at one of Europe’s largest universities

Professor Del Loewenthal, who is internationally recognised for his research in counselling and psychotherapy, has received a visiting professorship from the University of Athens, Greece. The award will enable Professor Loewenthal to develop joint research with the university, on the emotional learning of European prisoners and young people. To date, the research has shown that over 92% of prisoners found the therapeutic use of photographs either very helpful (56.4%) or helpful (35.9%).

Posted: 14 May 2015

image for news story Professor gains Visiting Professorship at one of Europe’s largest universities
Professor Del Loewenthal

In his recent visit to the University of Athens, Professor Loewenthal informed students and staff about therapeutic use of photographs in therapeutic counselling and career counselling, and using the ethics of continental philosophers Levinas and Buber as a basis of psychotherapy practice.

Professor Loewenthal from the University of Roehampton said “I am honoured to be associated with this university and country where psychology emerged from philosophy. I am looking forward to exploring current Greek notions of how autonomy and heteronomy are connected in relation to psychological therapies.”

Apart from his research, Professor Loewenthal will also share his knowledge of teaching programmes and doctoral supervision with the Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology in University of Athens, the largest state institution of higher education in Greece.

Professor Del Loewenthal has worked extensively with Greek universities. This academic year, he has also been invited to be the keynote speaker as part of the World Mental Health Day at the University of Volos. He has also, with Aristotle University, jointly edited a forthcoming special issue of the European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling on ‘The use of qualitative research in developing users' and providers' perspectives in the psychological therapies’.

At Roehampton, Professor Del Loewenthal is Director of the Department of Psychology’s Research Centre for Therapeutic Education, and supports students who are doing Doctoral Programmes in Psychotherapy and Counselling. Find out more about Professor Del Loewenthal.

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