Roehampton play therapist experts create new webinars for adoptive parents

A team of experts from the University of Roehampton’s Department of Psychology have joined forces with The Cornerstone Partnership to create new ways for adoptive parents to strengthen the bond with their child.

Posted: 17 November 2015

image for news story Roehampton play therapist experts create new webinars for adoptive parents
Lisa Gordon Clark and a colleague are in role-play sequence from the webinars for adoptive parents.

Roehampton’s academic staff including Lisa Gordon Clark, Victoria Kammin, and Dr Janek Dubowski have collaborated with The Cornerstone Partnership to produce a series of webinars that help adoptive parents understand their children better by strengthening their attachments in a playful way. The webinars have been made available to adopters as part of an innovative Restorative Parenting training package.

Each webinar is brought to life with several role-played sequences to show the skills and techniques in action. They introduce adoptive parents to filial play skills, a type of play therapy in which they are empowered to be ‘the agents of change’ for their children from ages three to eleven, and provide tips on how to use various play, art and music activities with their child in special semi-structured play times.The series also includes ideas and tips for these parents to engage with and encourage their children, and through play, to build closer relationships. 

Mrs Gordon Clark said: "Our aim is to demonstrate to adopters how creative activities like art, music, sensory and symbolic play with figures and dramatised role-play, can help them make deeper connections to their children as they find their place in their new family. As arts and play therapists, we are fervent believers in the therapeutic potential of our creative disciplines and we’re very enthusiastic to share this with adopted children and their families who welcome and value this support."

Helen Costa, Chief Executive of The Cornerstone Partnership, said: “So often adoptive parents are left isolated as they try to bond with their children. These webinars provide the support and new ideas that parents are crying out for as they attempt to create the right environment for their children to settle and thrive within their family. We were delighted when Roehampton agreed to work with us on what is an incredible resource for parents.”

The University of Roehampton’s Department of Psychology is the only institution in Europe to house all arts and play therapies and advocates the use of creative disciplines and activities to help people of all ages and experience. The University offers accredited training and qualifications in dramatherapy, dance movement psychotherapy, music therapy, art psychotherapy and play therapy.

The Cornerstone Partnership is a specialised consultancy working with the Department for Education and local councils to transform the adoption and fostering process. It works extensively with adoptive parents to provide unique ongoing support to enhance the quality of life of the family unit.

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