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The new Psychology at Roehampton Seminar series

PROSE is an open-door series of lunchtime talks given by international leaders in mental health & wellbeing research and clinical practice.

All talks can be watched online (via Zoom) and entry is free!
Access info is below, as well as links to view some of our previous talks. 

PROSE talks are open to all researchers, academics, clinicians, counsellors, postgrad and undergrad students etc etc (!) with an interest in mental health and wellbeing, and to any other groups working in any fields related to psychology. And, of course, we also very much welcome members of the public with an interest to join us!

Talks are every other Friday at lunchtime (1-1.50pm) starting on the 20th November and last for about 45 mins with 5/10 mins for Q&A.

We hope to bring you an exciting line up of high-calibre speakers, see below. This will be updated frequently, so remember check back for more speakers.

Friday 25 June

"Impacts of adolescent mental health, social identity, and the university environment on the life outcomes of students and graduates"

with Dr Anesa Hosein and Dr Kieran Balloo.


Poor mental health and wellbeing during adolescence can have a negative impact on the life outcomes (i.e. education, employment, and mental health and wellbeing outcomes) of young people during emerging adulthood. Recent research on young people’s wellbeing has particularly paid attention to apparent increases in problems with students’ mental health. However, there is a lack of evidence about whether outcomes differ between those who participate in higher education and those who do not. Drawing on data from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE, now called Next Steps), the ESRC-funded ‘Student Wellbeing & Life Outcomes Project’ investigates whether life outcomes during emerging adulthood vary based on the intersectionality of young people’s social identities (such as sex, social class, sexuality and ethnicity), and the cultural, social and built environments of the university they attend(ed). In this talk, we will discuss the secondary data analysis approach we are using in this project and provide some preliminary findings that may have implications for how to effectively support the wellbeing of students and graduates.


Dr Anesa Hosein is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Surrey. She is the Principal Investigator and Project Leader of the ‘Student Wellbeing & Life Outcomes Project’. She has previously published high impact research from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE, now Next Steps) on life outcomes (e.g. evidence used in Canadian funding policy).

Dr Kieran Balloo is a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey. He is a Co-Investigator and the Project Coordinator of the ‘Student Wellbeing & Life Outcomes Project’. His research primarily focuses on educational transitions and the student experience.


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Past Events

"Let’s talk about politics: Therapists’ accounts of the relationship between p/Politics and therapy"


Dr Laura Anne Winter, CPsychol, Senior Lecturer in Education and Counselling Psychology, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist (Counselling) based at the University of Manchester. View recording here. 

"Hearing the voice"


Professor Charles Fernyhough
Psychologist and writer
PI & Director of the Hearing the Voice project
Professor of Psychology at Durham University

"School-Based Humanistic Counselling for Young People: Effectiveness, Cost-Effectiveness, and Processes of Change—Findings from a Large Randomised Controlled Trial (ETHOS)"


Professor Mick Cooper
Professor of Counselling Psychology
Department of Psychology
University of Roehampton

“The Power Threat Meaning Framework: A conceptual alternative to psychiatric diagnosis.”


Dr Lucy Johnstone
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
View recording here. 

“The Making of Mental Disorder: interviewing the creators of DSM.”


Dr James Davies, D.Phil (Oxon)
Reader in Medical Anthropology & Mental Health
Department of Life Sciences
University of Roehampton
View recording here

“Anxiety and depression in young people: Using Super Skills for Life programme to adapt to the “new” normal.” 


Professor Cecilia Essau.
Department of Psychology
University of Roehampton
Link coming soon.