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This course is based at our London Holborn, Birmingham and Manchester Centres

Response to Covid-19: Our focus is on providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for our students. We have taken every measure, in line with Government guidance, to ensure continued access to learning. As part of our response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we are planning to deliver this course through a mix of live online classes and face-to-face learning opportunities at our London Holborn, Birmingham and Manchester Centres. We continue to follow Government guidance and any social distancing measures that may be in place. As restrictions ease, face-to-face opportunities will be increased where appropriate and it is safe for us to do so. For the latest information, our response to Covid-19 and FAQs, please check the QA Higher Education website.

  • One to one career advice to build your experience and skills in readiness for a competitive job market
  • Encourage you to think digitally and prepare you to run businesses online.
  • Learn in a personalised and friendly small class environment
  • September, January and June start dates so you can begin your studies at a time that suits you
  • Delivered through Blended Learning in both Daytime and Evening/weekend study modes


Digital transformation has always been one of the top concerns for many organisations and Covid-19 accelerated this necessity. The main challenges that current businesses are facing today are:

  • How to use digital technologies to transform their current business model?
  • How should they interact with those technologies and attract new customers?
  • How to digitally/virtually manage a dislocated workforce? 

This BSc (Hons) Digital Business Management Extended Degree is designed to give you the fundamental keys to address these concerns. The foundation year was included in this programme to give you a more supported path into undergraduate education.

Blended learning

We're focused on a digital future and your degree plays an important part in preparing for this, helping you to achieve your employability goals and life ambitions.

We want to equip you with the key skills you need, enhancing your employability and preparing you for the next steps in your career. Blended working is now a permanent feature for many businesses globally and the experience you will gain by studying through a blended learning model will help you prepare for this, building your confidence ready for success in the digital workplace.

The number of live contact hours that you have with your lecturers remains the same

  • You will have timetabled sessions delivered face-to-face on-campus, building relationships and engaging with your student community
  • You will have timetabled live online sessions that will allow you to participate and ask questions throughout the session
  • Support services can be accessed remotely and your campus is open so you can book in and use campus facilities and services face-to-face at a time that works for you, either on your timetabled on-campus days or outside these times

Our blended approach offers the best of both live online and on-campus learning opportunities, and your blended timetables will typically follow one of the below:

Daytime students

If you are a daytime student, you will typically have 2 days of tuition per week – your sessions will be on-campus for 1 of those days and the other day will take place live online.

Evening and weekend students

Evening and weekend blended timetables will typically follow one of the below patterns each week:

  • 2 evenings live live online and 1 weekend day face-to-face on-campus, or
  • 2 evenings face-to-face on-campus and 1 weekend day live online

Visit our blended learning page for further information.

About the Course

The BSc (Hons) Digital Business Management Extended Degree is a four-year version of the BSc (Hons) Digital Business Management. It has been designed to give you the necessary foundations to successfully master your BSc.

Not only will this BSc (Hons) Digital Business Management will be equipping you with a detailed knowledge of business and management, it also develops the necessary skills and knowledge in the context of digital business and digital transformation.

For instance, while with a Business and Management degree you would study Management theory, with this degree, you will approach it in the context of managing and motivating virtual teams.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn how to identify and manage digital transformation projects and the impact of digital technology on the way businesses interact with their customers and supply chains. 

You will also have access to an optional module ‘Preparing for Employment’ where you:

  • Will communicate your business readiness positively via a CV, LinkedIn profile and during the employment selection processes.
  • Complete a reflective skills audit and to identify the skills needed in a particular business sector of your choice.

The Foundation Year

During the foundation year, you will benefit from:

  • Extra support before you start your undergraduate studies
  • Develop English, Maths and academic study skills
  • Business Essentials modules in both semesters builds your subject specific knowledge

A Belnded Learning Method

This degree is designed to encourage you to think digitally as well as plan and run businesses virtually. Therefore, the programme itself is to be delivered in blended mode (which means that up to 50% out of the classroom will be delivered digitally).

The combination of face to face, distance learning and blended learning interactions all rely on an active learning approach. Your degree will be “brought to life” via online activities, innovative exercises, case material, group/collaborative working and the use of formative tasks and feedback.

  • You will be taught highly relevant and contemporary content through lectures, tutorials, seminars, totalling 12 hours per week
  • You will have a module specifically designed to cover learning and working digitally and you will put this into practice by working in virtual teams for other modules
  • You are expected to study independently 38 hours per week outside of contact hours
  • Assessed through a combination of coursework and presentations: including blogs, reports, presentations, annotated CVs, projects, conference papers, academic poster, research proposal and a dissertation.
  • Benefit from being taught by a highly qualified faculty, experienced in delivering undergraduate programmes
  • Class sizes are relatively small, providing a personalised and friendly learning environment

All modules are core and worth 20 credits, unless otherwise stated.

Foundation Year

  • Communication for Academic Purposes 1
  • Business Essentials Introduction
  • Operational Mathematics
  • Communication for Academic Purposes 2
  • Business Essentials Advanced
  • Disciplinary Investigation

Year 1

  • Learning and Working in a Digital World
  • The Digital Business Environment
  • Finance and Accounting for Managers
  • Managing the Digital Organisation
  • Techniques for Data Driven Decision Making
  • Marketing in the Digital World

Year 2

  • Project Management in a Digital Environment
  • Creating and Managing Digital Operations and Supply
  • Managing Virtual
  • Big Data
  • Digital Expectations: Understanding the Inter-Generational Customer Context
  • Cyber Security and Information Governance

Year 3

  • Emerging Technologies: Business Opportunities and Challenges
  • Strategy Formulation in a Digital Context
  • Business Ethics in a Digital Context
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation (40 credits)
  • Preparing for Employment (optional) (0 credits)

The programme has been designed with the objective to meet the needs of employers. The aim is to develop your skills, behaviours and knowledge such that you can confidently either:

  • Pursue further study at a postgraduate level to improve your existing career prospects
  • Enter the business, leadership and management environment

As a graduate of this BSc programme, you will find yourself in a position of strength in either the pursuit of further study of the graduate jobs market having gained a qualification with high currency in these challenging and digitally focused times.

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