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validated by the University of Roehampton

This course is based at our London Holborn and Birmingham Centres

  • 92% of the University of Roehampton students are in work or further education within 6 months of graduating (DLHE results 2017)
  • One to one careers advice to build your experience and skills in readiness for a competitive job market
  • Learn in a personalised and friendly small class environment
  • Meet the growing demand for creative thinkers with specialist marketing expertise who can add value to organisations large or small
  • Well-connected with central locations in London and Birmingham
  • September, January and June start dates so you can begin your studies at a time that suits you
  • Evening and weekend options available for when you need to fit your studies around your personal commitments


The BSc Marketing course has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of core marketing theories as well as contemporary trends and issues in marketing. Through a broad and challenging course, this degree leaves graduates well placed to secure an exciting career in marketing.

A contemporary and business focussed degree, students will develop a critical understanding of prominent and emerging trends in marketing, and investigate how this directs business or organisational decisions. Through exploring the development of digital marketing or investigating new methods of measuring consumer behaviour, this degree offers a future-proof foundation to understanding the world of marketing.

Graduates of this programme will develop enhanced transferable and competitive skills, nurtured by a highly experienced and qualified academic support team. The course encompasses a range of business skills and considerations, from management to supply chain logistics, meaning graduates are equipped with the business mind necessary for the industry.

This course is delivered as part of a partnership between the University of Roehampton and QA Higher Education. The programme is validated by the University, and taught by QA Higher Education.

Evening and weekend study

For our UK and EU students, we offer the study option of evenings and weekends. This study option offers exactly the same levels of student support and the ability to balance your full-time studies with your personal life. Typically, classes are timetabled for two weekday evenings and one Saturday per week.

In year 1, students will develop a core understanding of the theories, principles and considerations that underpin marketing and business, as well as be introduced to key industry subjects. These modules include Business Readiness, Understanding Self and Others and Principles of Marketing and Communications in a Digital Marketing.

In the second year, students will develop an understanding in specialised topics in marketing and business. Students will learn of key trends in marketing through modules such as Consumer Behaviour and Services Marketing, as well as develop business-critical skills in Managing People and Careers and Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

In the final year, students further enhance their knowledge of marketing as they are exposed to key subjects such as Branding and Global Marketing, as well as continuing their business development in Applied Corporate Strategy and Business Ethics and Responsible Management. Also in the final year, students will complete a Business and Management Dissertation, an independent and significant piece of work that will incorporate the key skills, knowledge, concepts and considerations that students developed throughout the course.


You will be taught through a range of teaching methods, including lectures and seminars, around 12 hours per week. You are also expected to engage in independent study, around 38 hours a week.

You will be assessed through coursework and exams.

To prepare for your lectures and seminars, you will have access to our online learning portal, Moodle, where you can access course information, content and your weekly reading lists.

Year 1

Extended Academic Induction (0 credits)
Business Readiness (Year 1) (0 credits)
Business Organisation and Environment in a Global Context (20 credits)
Introduction to Finance and Accounting for Managers (20 credits)
Understanding Self and Others (20 credits)
Introduction to Management (20 credits)
Analysing Information and Data for Problem Solving (20 credits)
Principles of Marketing and Communications in a Digital World (20 credits)

Year 2

Business Readiness (Year 2) (0 credits)
Managing People and Careers (20 credits)
Understanding Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management (20 credits)
Processes of Project Management (20 credits)
Consumer Behaviour (20 credits)
Digital Marketing (20 credits)
Services Marketing (20 credits)

Year 3

Business Readiness (Year 3) (0 credits)
Business Ethics and Responsible Management (20 credits)
Business and Management Dissertation 1 [in Marketing] (20 credits)
Applied Corporate Strategy (20 credits)
Business and Management Dissertation 2 [in Marketing] (20 credits)
Branding (20 credits)
Global Marketing (20 credits)

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