Centre Members

Professor Tina Beattie

Tina is the Director of the DSRC and Professor of Catholic Studies. She researches in the field of Catholic theology and gender, human rights and women's rights, and theology and the visual arts. She is a trustee of the Catholic weekly journal, The Tablet. Tina works extensively with parishes, religious orders, schools and universities to promote greater theological understanding and awareness of issues to do with Catholic social teaching, the role of women, and the importance of the visual arts. She is a regular contributor to The Tablet, The Guardian online and to BBC Radio 4.

Anna Cantelmi

Dr Susanna Snyder

Associate Director, Catherine of Siena Virtual College

Dr Clare Watkins

Lecturer in Ministerial Theology

Dr Andrew Rogers

Andrew is Senior Lecturer in Practical Theology and Programme Convener for Ministerial Theology. He also convenes the Research Group in Ministerial Theology, and leads the Being Built Together research project. His research interests include: 'Ordinary hermeneutics' - that is, the hermeneutical practices of ordinary Bible readers; interdisciplinary issues between theology and social science; use of ethnography in practical theology research; aspects of evangelicalism and fundamentalism; missiology and aspects of contemporary ecclesiology.

Dr Simonetta Calderini

Simonetta is a Reader in Islamic Studies and Religious Studies. She researches in Islamic Studies and particularly Shi'a Islam (Ismailism) and Women and Islam, and the interaction between Catholicism and Islam.

Professor John Eade

John is Professor of Sociology and Anthropology researching different forms of migration – labour migration, pilgrimage and tourism – as well as urban ethnicity and identity politics, and is Executive Director of CRONEM (Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism) which links Roehampton and Surrey universities.

Revd Daniel Eshun

Daniel is an Anglican Chaplain and Lecturer in Theology and Ministerial Studies. He researches on anthropological, sociological and theological analysis of liturgy, mission, evangelism and nurture in African Churches (Catholic and Protestant), and the interaction between African Traditional Religions, Catholicism, Islam, Pentecostalism and Charismatic movements.

Dr Neil Macdonald

Reader in Theological Studies

Professor Annabelle Mooney

Annabelle is Senior Lecturer in Sociolinguistics. Her research interrogates the linguistic detail of religion and the changing communicative contexts brought by technology and globalization, and the challenges which religious language pose to current sociolinguistic theories, especially the latter's preoccupation with "performance".

Dr R.David Muir

Lecturer in Ministerial Theology (professional practice) 

Professor Claire Ozanne

Claire is Deputy Provost and researches in ecology, forest biodiversity and conservation and forest canopy sampling methodology. She is on the Steering Committee of the Global Canopy Programme and is involved in collaborative research with the Tropical Ecology and Entomology Research Group, Oxford University.

Dr John Moxon

Dr Richard Burgess

Jackie Brown

Dr Christopher Stephens

Gulliver Ralston

Sean Ryan

Eddie Howells

Martin Poulsom

John Cottingham

Keith Ward

Sarah Boss

Catherine O’Brien

Virginia Jordan-Arthur

Fiona Ellis


Luca Badini