The Applied Music Research Group (AMRG) is a London-based international Research Group, directed by Professor Adam Ockelford and part of the University of Roehampton. Linked to both the Department of Psychology and the School of Education, AMRG is internationally unique in its interdisciplinary expertise and interest in:

  • Music and Psychology
  • Music and Education
  • Music and Special Educational Needs
  • Music and Medicine
  • Neuropsychology of Music

The group promotes and conducts world-class research, consultancy and teaching in applied music studies, and co-ordinates activity in these areas across the University, within the UK, and internationally. The group is unique in offering interdisciplinary expertise in music, psychology, education, therapy, cultural studies and in the application of this expertise to community and practical issues.

Doctoral Study

The Applied Music Research Group offers PhD supervision in music psychology, music education, music theory (including zygonic theory) and applied musicology. Recent doctoral studies have included quantitative and qualitative research, in areas including the impact of music on language development in autism, musical creativity at Key Stage 2 in England and Japan, the use of music to promote well-being among disadvantaged children in Columbia, a study of the cognition of isomorphic pitch structures, a comparison of the roles of music therapists and music educators in schools for children with learning difficulties, the use of music to alleviate anxiety and depression amongst the elderly, and the impact of live and recorded music on the immune system. Potential applicants should, in the first instance, contact Professor Adam Ockelford for an informal discussion.