Honorary Doctorates

Dr Derek Paravicini

Dr Derek Paravicini
Derek is a world famous musical savant. He is blind and autistic with severe learning difficulties. Derek received an Honorary Doctorate from University of Roehampton in 2011. As such, he is the first ever person with severe learning difficulties to receive an academic award. In spite of his disabilities, he is an exceptional musician who performs all over the world.


Peter King

Dr Peter King
Peter King is widely regarded as one of the world's best alto sax players "A wonderful musician, Peter King is a master of his instrument. People are aware of that here in America as well as in England" (Elvin Jones, Jazz UK Magazine. September 2001). He received an Honorary Doctorate from University of Roehampton in 2010. Peter has played with all the top names in the world of jazz, including Johnny Dankworth's orchestra from 1960 to 1961, Maynard Ferguson, Tubby Hayes, Harry South, and Stan Tracey, the Brussels Big Band, and Ray Charles. He has also played in small groups with musicians such as Dick Morrissey, Bill Le Sage and singers such as Jimmy Witherspoon.


External Collaborators and Visiting Researchers

Elizabeth Barstad and colleagues from University of Stavanger, Norway
Email: elisabeth.barstad@uis.no
University of Stavanger, Norway

Dr. Evangelos Himonides
Email: e.himonides@ioe.ac.uk
Institute of Education, University of London

Prof. Armin Langer
Email: armin.langer@moz.ac.at
Mozarteum, Innsbruck, Austria

Prof Raymond MacDonald
Email: raymond.macdonald@ed.ac.uk
University of Edinburgh

Prof Dorothy Miell
Email: d.e.miell@ed.ac.uk
University of Edinburgh

Prof. Linda Pring
Email: l.pring@gold.ac.uk
Goldsmith, University of London

Sally Zimmermann
Email: sally.zimmermann@rnib.org.uk
Royal National Institute of Blind People