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The Postgraduate Certificate in Sounds of Intent offers professional development in the field of music and special educational needs/disabilities. It is a one year part-time, postgraduate certificate that introduces students to the ‘Sounds of Intent’ music-developmental framework and explains how to use the resources and assessment tool available on the website. The course has both theoretical and practical elements, and is assessed through essays, a portfolio of work and a placement. It is a unique opportunity to be part of the most exciting new area of work currently happening in the field of music and special educational needs. 

It comprises of three modules, each lasting one term: ‘An introduction to Sounds of intent’, ‘Using Sounds of Intent in the field’ and ‘Using Sounds of Intent for Curriculum Development'. The course runs from September each year, with most taught sessions occurring on Thursdays in the autumn term in Birmingham.

Level: Postgraduate Certificate (MA level)

For further information please contact Professor Adam Ockelford +44 (0)7818 456 472 or contact our Enquiries team +44 (0)20 8392 3232

PhD study: Please contact one of our staff members.