Publications and Other Outputs

This is a selection of recent publications. Further publications are listed on staff members' personal webpages.

Dr Alastair Greig

Alastair was awarded first prize in an international competition organised by Counterpoint-Italy. The first place was awarded for his solo cello work, Neruda Fragments. The musical ideas are derived, in part, from lines in Pablo Neruda's poem, 'La Barcarola Termina', a scathing indictment of the consequences of war. Click here for more information

Greig, A. (2011) L'ombre des arbres

Awarded a prize at the 12th Kazimierz Serocki International Composition Competition, Warsaw, Poland, October 2011.

The first performance took place in November, 2011, in the Lutoslawski Concert Hall, Warsaw by the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Greig, A. (2009) Dream Echo

Awarded an Honourable Mention at the 2009 Donald Aird International Composition Competition, San Francisco, USA. Published by Arcomis.


Professor David Hargreaves

Musical Imaginations

Hargreaves, D.J., Miell, D.E., MacDonald, R.A.R. (eds.) (2012). Musical imaginations. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pp. xiii + 482.
"Musical Imaginations' is a wide ranging, multidisciplinary review of the latest theory and research on musical creativity, performance and perception by some of the most eminent scholars in their respective disciplines."




Professor Adam Ockelford

Music, Language and Autism

Ockelford, A. (2013) Music, Language and Autism, London. Jessica Kingsley.
"Presenting an innovative approach to the use of music with people on the autism spectrum, this book will be a fascinating resource for speech and language therapists, music therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, teaching assistants, educational psychologists, carers and parents of people with autism."


Applied Musicology

Ockelford, A. (2012) Applied Musicology: Using Zygonic Theory to Inform Music Psychology, Education and Therapy Research, Oxford: OUP.
"Within the book, the author sketches out a new, interdisciplinary sphere of endeavour, for which the term 'applied musicology' is coined. The book adopts a phenomenological, inductive approach, using the analysis of hundreds of real-life examples of musical engagement and interaction in order to build new theories of musical intentionality and influence, and to shed new light on our understanding of aspects of music perception and cognition."


Focus on Music 2

Ockelford, A. and Matawa, C. (2010) Focus on Music 2: Exploring the Musical Interests and Abilities of Blind and Partially-Sighted Children with Retinopathy of Prematurity, London: Institute of Education.
"A fascinating and important book that is a timely addition to work that crosses the boundaries between music therapy and music education".
Professor Raymond MacDonald, Editor, Psychology of Music; Chair of Music Psychology and Improvisation, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK