Research students

Fiona Costa (UK)
Music and chronic pain in the elderly.


Emma Hawksley (UK)
Using experimental music to teach composition in the primary school classroom.


Lauren Hogg (UK)
Music and communication amongst musicians.


Emese Hruska (Hungary)
Musician and perfectionism.


Jessica Pitt (UK)
The role of music in "communities of practice" in a Children's Centre.


Nikoletta Polydorou

Nikoletta Polydorou (Cyprus)
Music history course in Cyprus.


Adam Reece (UK)
The potential impact of music on language development in children with autism.


Yianna Rousha (Cyprus)
The role of folk music in children's developing musical preferences in Greek Cypriot schools.


Tina Stamou (Greece)
Autism, music, dance and inclusion.


Michel Thorpe (UK)
Music and expectancy theory.


Hayley Trower (UK)
Exploring the relationship between musical memory and expectancy in repeated musical stimuli.


Recent PhD Awards (2010 - 2012)

Kyproulla Markou (Cyprus) - 2010
Exploring the distinction between music education and music therapy for children with complex needs.

Kagari Shibazaki (Japan) - 2010
Children's collaborative creativity.

Sandrine Milhano (Portugal) - 2011
Music and learning in the context of elementary classroom schools.

Gloria Zapata (Colombia) - 2012
The role of music in cognitive and social development to 6–8-year-old children in a context of socio-cultural deprivation.