Approaching the Ancient World

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Approaching the Ancient World comprises staff from Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology. The research group has three themes: 

  1. Classical Reception Studies
  2. Trade and Material Culture
  3. Ancient Authors and Audiences

Our research examines the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, primarily classical Greece and Rome, and their reception in later periods. This is not restricted to canonical genres of art and literature, but incorporates the study of popular culture and diverse populations via the images, texts, inscriptions, and artefacts that remain extant today. We also have a strong focus on the ideological and material processes that have historically formed perceptions of antiquity. Our individual research interests are wide-ranging and include gendered violence in tragedy, late antique trade networks in northern Europe, eros in pastoral poetry, and Nero in film. Collectively, we regard ancient world studies as an inclusive and vigorous discipline which has much to offer the present day.

Our Mythical Childhood

The reception of classical antiquity in children’s and young adults’ culture can shape the impression it leaves for a lifetime. Led by the University of Warsaw, a global team of researchers funded by the European Research Council are assessing how ancient myths are represented in a range of media including books, films, games, and toys. The project’s results will provide valuable resources for scholars and teachers. The work is being undertaken by a team comprising researchers from Europe, Australia, Cameroon and Israel, with additional consultants from the United States.

Follow these links for more information about Our Mythical Childhood and the initial results collated in Our Mythical Survey.

At Roehampton, Professor Susan Deacy is developing a set of resources based on myth for teachers, parents and therapists of children on the autism spectrum. The first set of resources, based on the “Choice of Hercules”, may be found here as a work in progress: 


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