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Professor Cecilia Essau

CeceliaProfessor Essau's research interests are in the field of Developmental Psychopathology and Cross-cultural Psychology. More specifically, she is intered in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Comorbidity of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Prevention/Intervention of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Williams Syndrome, Psychopathic Traits, Parenting Practice, Cross-cultural Psychology, Assessment, Procrastination and Applied Developmental Psychology


Dr George Georgiou

Dr George GeorgiouDr Goergiou is interested in the application of experimental paradigms to the study of anxiety disorders, the relationship between selective attention and anxiety in adults and children, the cognitive and social-psychological underpinnings of road traffic accidents and binge drinking and substance misuse whilst driving

Dr Gina Pauli

Dr Gina PauliDr Pauli's research interests include examining individual differences in complex cognitive skill acquisition and visual and cognitive skills involved in learning to interpret medical images, medical Imaging, Image Perception, Measurement in course evaluation and Individual differences in group work experience, as well as the role of feedback in teaching and learning

Dr Catherine Gilvarry

Catherine Gilvarry - Oct 2013Dr Gilvarry's research interests are in the area of Health Psychology, Biology and Psychology of Alcohol Misuse

Dr Janek Dubowski

Janek Dubowski- Oct 2013Dr Dubowski conducts clinical work with patients including adults and children with diagnosis ranging from schizophrenia to pervasive developmental disorders and the role of symbolic function in the mediation between consciousness and the unconscious. She is interested in expression, exploration and mediation of symbolic communication through imagination and creativity and it uses as a form of therapy for those individuals for whom normal symbolic function has fragmented or has been delayed in its maturation

Dr Steve Farnfield

Dr Steve FarnfieldThe research interests of Dr Farnfield include young child observation, children's play/exploration and attachment, children's views of health and social care services, child maltreatment, assessing and working with children's attachments, and attachment and children with a disability.

Dr Jean O'Callaghan

Dr Jean O'CallaghanDr O'Callaghan is interested in psychological approaches to self-regulation for autonomous practices, aualitative research methods in psychology and counselling and the construction of disability in higher education

Dr Mark Wright

Dr Wright's research has been centred around children's social and emotional development with a particular area of interest being children's social relationships, emotion regulation and psychopathology. His most recent work, bridging developmental and social psychology, examines the links between consumer culture ideals and well-being with an additional focus on the underlying social and psychological mechanisms behind this


PhD Students

Alina Dafinoiu

Alina Dafinoiu


  • BA in Psychology - "University of West" Timisoara, Romania, 2007
  • Master Degree in Clinical Psychology - University "Al.I. Cuza", Iasi, Romania, 2009

Research interests: Mental health among "home alone" adolescents in Romania

Supervisors: Professor Cecilia Essau & Dr George Georgiou

Fan Zhang

Fan Zhang


  • BA with honours in Philosophy and Psychology – University of Stirling, 2008
  • MSc Child Development: Early Years Research and Practise – University of Stirling, 2009

Research interests: The utility of narrative stems in diagnosing childhood Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The psychological and physiological pictures. She is interested in children and adolescents' experience in trauma, as well as how their psychological and physiological beings transform as a result of the traumatic experience. This comprises the first research project where the consistency between narrative stems, psychometric tests and the physiological characteristics of childhood PTSD is investigated systematically.

Supervisors: Dr Steve Farnfield & Dr Leigh Gibson

Faye Riley

Faye Riley


  • BSc Psychology – University of Manchester, 2009
  • MSc War and Psychiatry – King's College London, 2011
  • Research assistant, The Anna Freud Centre, 2012 

Research interests: Exposure to community violence and intergroup aspects of victimisation; Community violence has been described as a public health problem of epidemic proportions and has been linked to a range of negative psychological and social outcomes. Her current research aims to establish the prevalence rates and outcomes of exposure to community violence in a relatively low-risk population, with particular focus on minority groups.

Supervisors: Professor Cecilia Essau & Dr. Keon West

Natalie Prichard

Natalie Prichard


  • B.A. in Occupational Therapy - University of Queensland, Australia, 2000
  • M.A. in Counselling - Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2005
  • M.A. in Play Therapy - University of Roehampton, UK, 2012

Research interests: A quantitative outcome study examining the impact of play therapy in the stress physiology of maltreated children. Area of Research - the use of play therapy as an intervention for primary school aged children who have experienced developmental trauma.

Supervisors: Dr Steve Farnfield & Michael Barham

Chiara Severi

Fatos Ozeylem

Sharon Allan

Vicky Eirinaki

Sheila Gough

Karishma Sharma Ramdhonee-Dowlot


Honorary Research Fellows

Prof Keith Dobson

Dr Elena Longhi

Prof Thomas H. Ollendick

Prof Susan H. Spence