The Centre for Dance Research organises an annual series of research seminars, panel discussions, and lecture demonstrations by international scholars and dance artists as well as those from the UK and Roehampton. The Centre also hosts high-profile symposia and international conferences.

CDR Events

CDR events are free and open to the public. They take place on the campus of the University of Roehampton. For more information, contact Chris Jones, research facilitator: chris.jones@roehampton.ac.uk; 0208 392 5145.

The events programme for the Autumn 2017 semester has not yet been finalised. Details in due course.

Postgraduate Symposium

PhD students in Dance organise a postgraduate symposium annually or biennially. The 2016 symposium, 'Positioning', will take place on Tuesday 17 May. Read more...


CDR Events Online


Past Conferences

Information about past conferences and symposia organised by the Centre for Dance Research is available at http://roehamptondance.com/conferences

Past CDR Events

Speakers Since 2012/13

  • Gaby Agis [listen online]
  • Kirsty Alexander
  • Stefanie Alisch
  • Dr Simon Bayly
  • Nicole Beutler
  • Meytal Blanaru
  • Dr Maaike Bleeker
  • Dr Carol Brown
  • Professor Theresa Buckland
  • Dr Chifang Chao [listen online]
  • Professor Ananya Chatterjea
  • Dr Emilyn Claid
  • Dr Renee M. Conroy
  • Dr Scott deLahunta [watch online]
  • Dr Ann R. David
  • Dr David Davies
  • Dr Catherine Foley [listen online]
  • Dr Karin Eli
  • Dr Simon Ellis
  • Dr Konstantina Georgelou
  • Sheila Ghelani
  • Dr Maureen Gupta
  • Dr Helena Hammond
  • Dr Sara Houston
  • Amy Howard
  • Dr Felicia Huges-Freeland
  • Jennifer Jackson
  • Dr Jean Johnson Jones
  • Professor Stephanie Jordan
  • Dr Christina Kostoula
  • Gillie Kleiman
  • Rosemary Lee
  • Dr Tiziana Leucci
  • Dr Mary-Jo Lodge
  • Ashley McGill
  • Dr Dana Mills
  • Dr Rachel Morley
  • Dr Gay Morris
  • Dr Geraldine Morris
  • Dr Larraine Nicholas
  • Dr Edward Nye
  • Katja Nyqvist
  • Dr Silvestru Petac
  • Dr Carine Plancke [listen online]
  • Dr Nina Power
  • Dr Efrosini Protopapa
  • Kimiko Okamoto
  • Anita Ratnam
  • Dr Danielle Robinson
  • Professor Janice Ross
  • Susan Sentler
  • Dr Jonathan Skinner
  • Dr Danae Theodoridou
  • Professor Julie Van Camp