• Dance for Parkinson's: Dr Sara Houston and PhD student Ashley McGill research the benefits of dancing for people with Parkinson's disease, in collaboration with English National Ballet's Dance for Parkinson's programme
  • Dance Performances in Post-Genocide Rwanda: Dr Carine Plancke, postdoctoral research fellow 2014-2015, examines the current revitalisation of Rwandan dances in connection with the country’s post-genocide endeavour to construct a new national identity
  • Dramaturgy at Work: Dr Efrosini Protopapa's collaborative project with Konstantina Georgelou (Utrecht) and Danae Theodoridou (Groningen) addresses contemporary European perspectives on and practices of dramaturgy
  • Falling: This cross-disciplinary research project led by Dr Emilyn Claid explores physical, metaphorical and psychological significances of falling
  • The Limón Project: This learning and teaching resource was the result of the Teaching Contemporary Limón Summer School held in July 2011 at Roehampton
  • Stravinsky the Global Dancer: A Chronology of Choreography to the Music of Igor Stravinsky: This online database compiled by Professor Stephanie Jordan and Dr Larraine Nicholas records over a thousand dances to the music of Igor Stravinsky
  • Sound Moves: An International Conference on Music and Dance: Download the proceedings of the 2005 conference hosted by Roehampton's Centre for Dance Research in conjunction with Princeton University and the Society for Dance Research
  • What Exactly is a Dance?: Dr Anna Pakes asks philosophical questions related to contemporary practice and dance history