Research projects

Current and recent research projects

Here is a selection of current and research research projects within the Centre for Dance Research. Follow the links to discover more about each project.

  • Dance for Parkinson's
    Dr Sara Houston researches the benefits of dancing for people with Parkinson's disease, in collaboration with English National Ballet's Dance for Parkinson's programme.
  • Dramaturgy at Work
    Dr Efrosini Protopapa's collaborative project with Dr Konstantina Georgelou (Utrecht) and Dr Danae Theodoridou (Groningen) addresses contemporary European perspectives on and practices of dramaturgy.
  • Falling Through Dance
    This cross-disciplinary research project led by Professor Emilyn Claid explores physical, metaphorical and psychological significances of falling.
  • Harmonica Breakdown
    This AHRC-funded project explored how dynamic media can more clearly communicate a dance. It captured Jane Dudley's solo Harmonica Breakdown (1938) using motion capture/3D visualisation technologies as well as Laban Movement Analysis.
  • Stravinsky the Global Dancer: A Chronology of Choreography to the Music of Igor Stravinsky
    This online database compiled by Professor Stephanie Jordan and Dr Larraine Nicholas records over a thousand dances to the music of Igor Stravinsky.
  • What Exactly is a Dance?
    Dr Anna Pakes asks what dance works are, from philosophical and historical perspectives, developing an ontology of dances and choreographic works.
  • Dance Performances in Post-Genocide Rwanda
    Dr Carine Plancke, postdoctoral research fellow 2014-2015, examined the current revitalisation of Rwandan dances in connection with the country's post-genocide endeavour to construct a new national identity

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