Research students

Dance MPhil/PhD Programme

The international reputation and vibrant research culture of the Centre for Dance Research draw postgraduate students from all over the world. Typically, the Centre has over 30 research students, representing at least 15 nations. Upon gaining their PhD or MPhil, our postgraduate researchers have a high rate of employment within dance scholarship and practice. They have gone onto successful careers in academia and performance creation, and as performing artists, choreographers, and filmmakers.

The breadth of our internationally respected team of research-active supervisors is unique worldwide. Their exceptionally wide-ranging expertise spans a diversity of styles and methodologies. Postgraduate research includes philosophical, historical, analytical, anthropological, political and cultural studies of dance, as well as professional practice as research (choreography and performance).

For information about how to apply for a MPhil / PhD, visit the Graduate School site.

For information about the Dance MPhil / PhD programme, contact Dr Avanthi Meduri, Research Degrees Convener: email:; telephone: +44 (0)20 8392 3448.

Current MPhil/PhD Students

  • Carlon Alexandra
    Tap Dancing in Heels: An exploration of gender in female tap dance choreography from the 1980s to present day.
  • Mel Brierley
    Changing Perspectives in the living Body: Perceptions of Dance and Parkinson's.
  • Lanora Callahan
    Assessing the socio-emotional impact of dance education on BME and underserved youth in the UK and US.
  • Susie Crow
    The ballet class: educating the creative dance artist.
  • Alison Curtis-Jones
    Transmission: Re-imagining Laban through body as archive
  • Alexandra Dias
    Solos in contamination: a cannibal practice.
  • Doris Dornelles de Ameida
    Multisensorial experiences and bodily intelligence of professional ballet dancers in training.
  • Eleni Drogari
    Dancing Self and Other: Women, Identity and the Moving Body in Cyprus
  • Catherine Dulin
    The Evolution of the Waltz in Vienna: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of the Dancing Embrace.
  • Elisa Frasson
    Performing Somatics – an insight in the European choreographic scene in the 1980s through the frame of somatic knowledge.
  • Clare Freeman-Sergeant
    A Choreomusical Analysis of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet: Investigating relationships between the music and dance in a variety of choreographic productions.
  • Magdalen Gorringe
    Institutions, Income and Integrity: South Asian Dance Agencies and the Emergence and Professionalisation of Classical Indian Dance in Britain.
  • Anna Heighway
    Can screendance do philosophy?
  • Nathan James
    Re-Imagining the MGM Musical: The Development of Dance in the MGM Musical (1944-1957) and its influence on Dance in Musical Theatre (1992 to 2012).
  • Gillie Kleiman
    Recreo-labour: work and not-work in professional choreography with non-professional performers.
  • E. Hollister Mathis-Masury
    John Cranko's Stuttgart Ballet: a historiography.
  • Alejandra Maturana
    The beauty of ugliness.
  • Elizabeth McLean
    Transforming a Classic: Choreomusical interpretations of Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty.
  • Rowan McLelland
    Red Bodies in Ballet in China.
  • Chloe Middleton-Metcalf
    'The Dancing English': English Social Folk Dancing 1932-2018
  • Ariadni Mikou
    Transgressing Disciplines: Hybrid Architectures, Choreographic Objects and Event-based Filmography.
  • Deborah Norris
    21st Century Contemporary Ballet – Cathy Marston, (British) Narrative Ballet in a Contemporary World.
  • Thalia Mari Papadopoulou
    The Geometric Gaze: An enquiry into ancient Greek 'orchesis' and Bharatanatyam.
  • Lucia Piquero
    What makes dance works emotionally expressive?
  • Susanna Recchia
    In the Act of Dancing: Personal Processes of Interconnectedness.
  • Zoe Reeve
    Who are the heirs of amaXhosa dance? A structural and functional analysis of amaXhosa traditional dance in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa.
  • Carolyn Roy
    The Work of Wandering: A new paradigm for dance practice and knowledge production.
  • Heike Salzer
    Romanticism in Screendance – The Body in Landscapes.
  • Chai Ju Shen
    Bodies in the city: Imaging Taiwaneseness through urban choreographies
  • Rachel Straus
    Reception and analysis of Nietzsche's Apollonian and Dionysian Aesthetics in Dance Scholarship, Criticism and Choreographic Practice.