The British Academy Hearth Tax Project

The British Academy Hearth Tax Project is working to transcribe and analyse the fullest surviving hearth tax return/s for every county in England where a return has not already been published and analysed.

The Project, in association with the British Record Society (BRS) and, where possible, the relevant local record society, then publishes this research through a series of hard-copy volumes, details of which can be found on the publications page.

In addition to the wealth of raw data and analysis, each volume in the BRS series also contains an authoritative and scholarly historical introduction and an examination of the built environment relating to the hearth tax. Introductions to some previous volumes, including Kent, Durham and Westmorland are available on Hearth Tax Online.

The following represents a provisional list of counties in their expected publication schedule in partnership with the British Record Society and local record societie, although this is subject to alteration:

  • Cambridgeshire 1664 (published)
  • Kent 1664 (published)
  • Norfolk exemption certifcates 1670-1674 (published)
  • County Durham 1666 (published)
  • Yorkshire West Riding 1672 (published)
  • Westmorland 1670 (published)
  • Warwickshire 1670 (published)
  • Essex 1670 (published)
  • London & Middlesex, 1666 (published)
  • Yorkshire East Riding, 1672L (published)
  • Bristol 1662-1673 (published)
  • Norfolk 1672 & Norwich 1671 (advanced stage)
  • Northamptonshire 1674 (in progress)
  • Huntingdonshire 1664-1665 (in progress)
  • Worcestershire, 1664-1665 (in progress)
  • Sussex 1664 (in progress)
  • Yorkshire North Riding 1673 & York 1672 (in progress)
  • Northumberland 1666 (in progress)
  • Lincolnshire 1670
  • Herefordshire 1664 
  • Hertfordshire 1663
  • Lancashire 1664
  • Wiltshire 1662
  • Cheshire 1664

There are also sixteen counties for which a return has already been published and these are less likely to be published again in hard-copy by the Project. These are, Bedfordshire, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire and Sufolk.