The Centre has a number of key objectives which are currently being addressed through several different research projects and initiatives.

The British Academy Hearth Tax Project

The Centre is working to transcribe, analyse and publish the fullest surviving return, or set of returns where necessary, for every county in England where a county return has not already been published and/or analysed. This research is then published through the British Record Society Hearth Tax Series of hard-copy volumes.
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Hearth Tax Online

The Centre is also working to increase availability of hearth tax data and to widely disseminate its research findings, particularly through online publication. The Hearth Tax Online website, created and administered by the Centre, provides an electronic platform for the publication and dissemination of research and analysis on hearth tax records and other associated documents.
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AHRC London and Middlesex Collaborative Hearth Tax Project

Electronic publication also forms a key part of the AHRC-supported Collaborative Project to publish, both online and in hard-copy, hearth tax data for the City of London and the historic county of Middlesex.
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AHRC-supported Collaborative Doctoral Studentship

The Centre is working to encourage and facilitate scholarly engagement with hearth tax records, both as a valuable single source for social and economic historians, but also as an ancillary and complementary source for a range of historical studies. One example of this is the AHRC-supported Collaborative Doctoral Studentship currently being undertaken within the Centre on the topic of poverty in early-modern Essex.
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