CIRSIE is an interdisciplinary Research Centre concerned with the inclusion of all children in education.

CIRSIE's work and vision

With wide-ranging interests in questions that help us understand inclusion and exclusion of certain groups in and from education, we are interested in developing research that encompasses questions of inclusion and exclusion of children with additional/special needs, whether these derive from particular disabilities or social exclusion for whatever reason. We are interested both in developing our theoretical understandings in this area and, importantly, in working with schools and individual teachers to develop good practice.

We meet as a group at least once a month during term time (see dates). Our meetings include seminars and other research events that are open to all, as well as times to support each other's research. In these times we act as critical friends in discussion of people's draft papers for publication and research grant applications and read relevant articles together.

Each year we will have a particular theme for our open research events.

We welcome membership by anyone interested in research in Special and Inclusive Education, whether they are members of staff or postgraduate research students.


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