Research seminars

COR ‘s research seminar series covers a wide range of business and management issues, with a variety of internal and external speakers. Everyone is welcome to attend

For further information please contact Carolyn Gallop.

Upcoming seminars (tbc, all on a Wednesday, 1 - 2pm)

Also please note the other following upcoming events:

October 21st, Multi-disciplinary Approaches: Methodologies, Theories and Concepts; Seminar 4 of ESRC funded Seminar Series, Whitelands College, University of Roehampton. 9.30 - 16.00

Past Seminars, 2014-15

The corporate university and the expansion of HR: efficiency and effectiveness or managerialism and control? Dr Matt Waring, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff Metropolitan University specialising in HRM and Employee Relations

Stirring the Pot: UK Defence and the Monstrous Regiment of Women, Jo Mackowski, RUSI PhD student

Organisational Effectiveness and Risk Management, Professor Denis Fischbacher-Smith, Research Chair in Risk & Resilience, Deputy Head & Director of Research, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

‘Optimum’ Accounts Receivable and their Strategic Use, Professor Salima Paul, University of Plymouth

Sustaining innovation and the search for value creation: accounting, inscriptions and rituals, Professor Cristiano Busco, Professor of Accounting and Integrated Reporting, University of Roehampton Business School

Peace & Recovery: Witnessing Live Experiences in Sierra Leone, Lauren Twort, RUSI PhD student

Nostalgia and Ethnocentric Tendencies, Marika Dimitriadou, University of Roehampton

Project-based pedagogy at Novancia Business School: from student impact to research impact, Professor Ann-Charlotte Teglborg, Professor of Organisation Studies & Innovation, Novancia Business School

'We just want to be nice': Conflict: Organisational Culture, and a Case Study of the British Methodist Church, Dr Lia Shimada, Susanna Wesley Foundation

The Space Between Prices: A Geographic Perspective on Market Liquidity, Dr Chris Muellerleile, Centre for Research on Globalization, Education & Societies, University of Bristol Graduate School of Education

Walking the Falls: Dark Tourism and the Significance of Movement on the Political Tour of West Belfast, Dr Jonathan Skinner, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Roehampton

Engaging Suppliers in Customer Relationship Management: Insights from the Tesco Supply Chain, Professor Andrew Fearne, Director of Kent Business School, University of Kent

Saving Private Rhino, Professor Alan Collins, Professor of Economics, Head of Economics & Finance, University of Portsmouth

TAKING OCCAM’S RAZOR TO THE OOZELUM BIRD: Papers and people of quality and the games they play, Professor Stuart Macdonald, University of Sheffield

Managing Patients Emotions as skilled work and being 'one of us', Professor Ian Kessler, Professor of International Human Rights Management, King's College, London

Evaluating the demand-side approach to expanding free pre-school education, Dr Jo Blanden, Senior Lecturer & Deputy Head, School of Economics, University of Surrey

Migrant Diversity, migration motivations and early integration: the case of Poles in Germany, the Netherlands, London and Dublin, Professor Lucinda Platt, London School of Economics

The Construction of Risk: How 'actors' construct the concept of 'risk' in practice in the Brazilian finance sector; Rodrigo Souza, Business School Research Student

The Vulnerability of a small, open economy in a situation of Global Fiscal Crisis: The case of Macedonia, Viktorija Mano, Business School Research Student